Reynosa Official Denisse Ahumada Martínez Arrested Again in Texas on Drug Possession Charges

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FALFURRIAS, Texas – Mexican Official Arrested Again on Drug Charges

Denisse Ahumada Martínez, an official from Reynosa, Mexico, was arrested once again on June 16 in Hidalgo County under a Brooks County, Texas warrant for possession of a Schedule 1 controlled substance, according to official records.

This arrest comes after a federal judge from the Southern District of Texas dropped the charges against Ahumada Martínez due to a lack of evidence to establish “probable cause” and closed the DEA case.

The new case against the councilor is now being handled at the county level instead of federal.

How Did Denisse Ahumada Martínez Get Arrested in the First Place?

On Saturday, June 10, the official was driving an SUV through a checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas, when authorities conducted an X-ray scan of her vehicle and allegedly discovered 92 pounds of cocaine, according to a federal lawsuit.

DEA agents then spoke with Ahumada Martínez, and she confessed to bringing the narcotics into the United States.

Furthermore, she admitted that this was not her first time doing so, as stated in the previous lawsuit.

“Approximately 42 kilograms of suspected cocaine were found in various locations within the vehicle, including the seats and door panels,” stated the federal document, which was later dismissed by the judge.

The Background of Denisse Ahumada Martínez in Reynosa

The councilor initially entered office in the city of Reynosa through the Green Party of Mexico but later joined the National Action Party (PAN).

There is a video of a PAN leader from Tamaulipas welcoming her to the party, where Ahumada Martínez affirms that the PAN is her best option.

However, after her arrest in Texas, the PAN distanced itself from her and stated that she is neither a member nor a militant of the party.

The councilor was caught in a Cabildo session, as reported by Univision San Antonio, where she engaged in a discussion with the mayor of Reynosa, Carlos Peña Ortiz.

According to the councilor, the mayor could not be part of the board due to a legal situation.

“Have they started again? What barbarians. Are they still paying you or what, from the State Government?” the mayor asked the councilor, who denied the accusation.

Under the Texas Penal Code, the councilor could face a penalty of 10 to 99 years in prison at the local level.

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