Reynosa councilor is again arrested and accused of possession of cocaine in Texas

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Reynosa Councilor Arrested Again, Faces Charges in Texas Jail

Less than 24 hours after a federal judge dismissed the charges against Denisse “A”, the Reynosa councilor finds herself back behind bars. This time, she is being held in a Texas jail.

Local Accusations Follow Federal Dismissal

Urbino “Benny” Martínez, the Brooks County Sheriff, revealed to KRGV media that Denisse “A” is now facing accusations at the local level. This decision comes after the case failed to progress at the federal level.

Possession of Controlled Substance

Denisse “A” is charged with possession of a controlled substance, as stated in the records. She is currently detained in Hidalgo County jail, with an arrest warrant from Brooks County.

Defense Claims Threats from Criminal Group

According to Denisse “A”‘s defense attorney, Samuel Reyes, the councilor has received threats from a criminal group. This is the alleged reason why she was found in possession of illegal substances.

How Denisse ‘A’ Was Initially Arrested

Denisse “A” was driving a white Mazda car with her two minor children when she was stopped at a checkpoint in Falfurrias. During an X-ray inspection of the vehicle, irregularities were detected within the seats, leading to a more thorough search.

Upon physical examination, law enforcement officers discovered packages wrapped in gray tape and aluminum foil hidden in the seats and door panels of the truck. The total weight of the confiscated cocaine amounted to approximately 92 pounds (42 kilograms).

During her interview with DEA officials, Denisse “A” claimed that her final destination was San Antonio, Texas, and that she had been threatened. This detail had not been disclosed to the press until Thursday.

Furthermore, according to the defense, Denisse “A” was aware that she was involved in illegal activities but was unaware of the specific contents she was transporting. Allegedly, her and her children’s lives had been threatened by a criminal organization in Mexico.

Although a federal judge dismissed the charges against Denisse “A” due to a lack of probable cause, the local authorities are now seeking to reinstate the charges.

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