In addition to the new stores, the mall relocated several businesses.

The winner will have the opportunity to have a free cart at Plaza Las Américas for six months.  (File / GFR Media)
Plaza Las Americas.

First hour

The Plaza Las Américas shopping center in San Juan announced on Wednesday the arrival of new stores for the summer season.

By the beginning of July, it will open APM Monaco next to Euromoda Sport on the first level, with approximately 900 square feet. Founded in 1982, this store is a contemporary fashion jewelery brand that is associated with the elegance of Monaco and the lifestyle of the South of France.

At the end of the same month, the opening of Studio F, a renowned Colombian fashion brand, which will open its doors on the first level of the shopping center, next to Modernica. With a spacious space of approximately 3,300 square feet, the store will offer a variety of stylish and modern apparel and accessories for men and women.


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Studio F in Plaza Las Americas.
Studio F in Plaza Las Americas. (Supplied)

During the month of August Preciosa will relocate to the second level, where Mundo Matress is currently located, to make way for the construction of bimba and lola, with approximately 2,000 sq. ft. Bimba y Lola is a Spanish fashion firm that comes to Plaza Las Américas to offer designer clothing and accessories for women.

In turn, Mundo Matress will be relocated on the second level, in the space that was occupied by the Beauty Factory with approximately 1,100 square feet. La Patisserie de France will also be relocated in front of Soft & Creamy on the first level.

The shopping center reported that the Liage store has already opened its doors on the second level, next to T-Mobile and in front of the north fountain. With approximately 900 square feet, the store offers an exclusive selection of facial, skin and hair care products for men and women.

Liage in Plaza Las Americas.
Liage in Plaza Las Americas. (Supplied)

Similarly, the Cake by Glorimar cart has already opened in front of Chico’s on the first level, where it will delight visitors with its variety of desserts and personalized options.

Cakes by Glorimar in Plaza Las Americas.
Cakes by Glorimar in Plaza Las Americas. (Supplied)

On the other hand, Zara completed the expansion of its space on the first level, between Clark and La Favorita. It now has a total of more than 34,000 square feet, including the original Zara space and the area previously occupied by Gap.

Finally, Urban Beauty, which has a selection of hair care products and tools, was relocated across from Carolina Herrera on the second level, between JCPenney and Macy’s. The new space has approximately 1,900 feet.

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