Pilar Montenegro celebrates her birthday and addresses her fans after a long absence

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Did Pilar Montenegro Leave Show Business Due to Illness?

  • Pilar Montenegro Reappears on Social Networks and Leaves a Message for Her Followers

For her 51st birthday, Pilar Montenegro made a comeback on social networks after a 9-month absence from her Instagram profile.

“Celebrating my birthday,” wrote the ex-Garibaldi singer on her account, along with a video of her party where she sings her hit song “Take That Man Away From Me.”

Although the video shared by Pilar Montenegro is not recent, as some of her followers realized, it didn’t stop her from receiving congratulatory messages from her admirers. There have been rumors about her suffering from a degenerative illness since her disappearance from the public eye.

Some of the comments left by her fans include:
“You made my day seeing your post. Thank God that you’re doing well.”
“Happy birthday Pili and keep up the good vibes.”
“Happy birthday beautiful and may God heal you from all evil. It’s sad that you can no longer do what you love, which is to sing.”
“Congratulations, God bless you.”
“Beautiful, you’ve been away from the stage for so long. Please come back!”

Pati Chapoy even mentioned Pilar Montenegro’s supposed illness recently, saying that she was “very bad” in terms of health.

Through the comments on her post, the singer expressed her gratitude towards the more than 5,000 followers who liked and commented on her post, saying, “What beautiful messages! Thank you for reminding me that there is so much love, even over time. I love you and you’ll always have a place in my heart.

Pilar Montenegro appreciates birthday wishes and good wishes / Instagram: @pilarmontenegromx

Backlash Over a Dated Video

Some followers criticized Pilar Montenegro for sharing an old video instead of showing her current appearance, especially since she turned 51 on May 31.

“How sad to live on past glories, but anyway,” one comment read.
“What year is that video from? Hopefully, one day she will return to television. Meanwhile, I hope she is in very good health. Her fans will never forget her,” another comment stated.

Pilar Montenegro moved away from the public eye / TV Notes

Pilar Montenegro’s Health Statement

In July 2022, Pilar clarified the rumors about her health through her Instagram account. On the occasion of her birthday, she said, “I hadn’t shared this video of my birthday with you. I am very grateful and blessed with all the people around me, friends who are like family. I love them. Let’s go… today I feel better than ever. Thank you all for your messages, etc. But I’m not in a wheelchair, and thank God I’m still young enough to run or jog! Ha ha ha. To have a great time on a delicious vacation,” she shared.

In addition, Pilar Montenegro showed her support for Monica Dosetti, who had been mistreated by her brother when he was in a wheelchair. She mentioned, “Today when I saw that video, which is circulating everywhere, it broke my heart to see a dear old friend suffer and be abused like this. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking. I want you to know, my dear Mony, that you are not alone. Raise your voice. I send you a hug full of love,” she expressed.

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