Pierluigi: The Exclusive Restaurant Where Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel and His Wife Lis Cuesta Dined in Rome

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Pierluigi: The Exclusive Restaurant in Rome

The exclusive restaurant Pierluigi, located in the central Ricci’s Square, claims to be the best place to eat fish in Rome and is regularly visited by many celebrities. It was the chosen dining spot for the Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel and his wife Lis Cuesta this Wednesday.

A High-End Dining Experience

Pierluigi is rated with 4 money signs ($$$$) on the popular review website Trip Advisor, indicating that it is one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. Some clients mention that the average price for a dinner per diner at this establishment is around $100.

A Rich History

Founded in 1938 as a trattoria, Pierluigi was later acquired in the 80s by Roberto Lisi, who transformed it into a luxury dining destination.

Fresh and Innovative Cuisine

Pierluigi prides itself on using the freshest and most seasonal ingredients, prepared in a traditional and healthy manner but with innovative accents, as explained on their website.

A Celebrity Hotspot

As seen in recent posts on their Instagram profile, Pierluigi is a regular haunt for millionaires and celebrities, including Roma footballer Paul Dybala, actors Tom Cruise and Florence Pugh, and musician Nick Jonas.

A Favorite Among World Leaders

In 2014, an Italian publication revealed that Pierluigi was the preferred restaurant of former US President Barack Obama during his visits to Rome. It has also been visited by current President Joe Biden and renowned film director Quentin Tarantino.

The Cuban President’s Visit

The Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel and his wife were spotted leaving Pierluigi this Wednesday, captured in a video shared by American actor Jeff Parise on his Instagram stories.

Seeking Business Opportunities

Díaz-Canel is currently in Italy on a mission to attract businessmen and strengthen economic ties amidst the deep economic crisis in Cuba. He expressed his willingness to work together with Italian entrepreneurs and presented sectors of mutual interest.

A Meeting with Pope Francis

Prior to his visit to Pierluigi, Díaz-Canel had a meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican, highlighting the significance of his diplomatic engagements during his time in Italy.

What type of cuisine does Pierluigi primarily focus on?


Pierluigi offers a high-end dining experience with its elegant and sophisticated ambiance. The restaurant is known for its impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable experience for its guests. The menu primarily focuses on seafood, offering fresh and high-quality dishes prepared with traditional Italian techniques and flavors.

Popular Among Celebrities

Pierluigi has gained a reputation for being a popular dining spot among celebrities visiting Rome. Its exclusive atmosphere and exquisite cuisine have attracted various famous personalities, including actors, musicians, politicians, and sports stars. The recent visit of the Cuban president and his wife further cemented its status as a go-to restaurant for prominent figures.

A Historic Location

Located in Ricci’s Square, Pierluigi is situated in a historic area of Rome. The restaurant is housed in a building that dates back to the 15th century, giving it a unique and charming ambiance. Its beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the square provides a delightful setting for guests to enjoy their meal.

Reservations Recommended

Due to its popularity and exclusivity, it is highly recommended to make reservations in advance when visiting Pierluigi. The demand for a table at this renowned restaurant can be quite high, especially during peak tourist seasons. Reservations can be made online or by contacting the restaurant directly.


Pierluigi is an exclusive high-end seafood restaurant located in the central Ricci’s Square in Rome. It is well-known for its elegant ambiance, impeccable service, and attention to detail. The restaurant mainly focuses on serving fresh and high-quality seafood dishes prepared with traditional Italian techniques and flavors. Pierluigi is a popular dining spot among celebrities and has recently been visited by the Cuban president and his wife. The restaurant is housed in a historic building dating back to the 15th century and offers a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the square. Reservations are highly recommended due to its popularity and can be made online or by contacting the restaurant directly.

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