PAMI offers free vaccination against flu and pneumonia in affiliated pharmacies

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PAMI Offers Free Vaccinations for Retirees and Pensioners

PAMI, the social work for retirees and pensioners, is providing the opportunity for its members to receive free vaccinations at any of the 6,000 pharmacies that are part of the PAMI Network.

The inoculation is completely safe and comes at no cost for PAMI adherents. The Ministry of Health of the Nation is responsible for procuring and distributing the vaccines, with priority given to PAMI to ensure the health and well-being of its high-risk members.

While this vaccination campaign began in April of this year, the current cold wave sweeping the country has made it an urgent and essential action.

According to the latest data from the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine, pneumonia mortality rates have been steadily increasing by 4.21% since 1992 in our country.

How to Access the Flu or Pneumonia Vaccine

If you wish to receive any of the vaccines available for the upcoming variants, you only need to follow two simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the PAMI Website

On the official PAMI website, you can find a list of pharmacies that are part of the PAMI Network. Simply visit to access this information.

Step 2: Present Your Documentation

In addition to the pharmacy option, you can also visit any authorized health center in the country. Make sure to bring your DNI (National Identity Document) and PAMI credential. The vaccines available for autumn and winter coverage this year include:

  • Anti-flu vaccine
  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (Pneumo 13)
  • Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (Pneumo 23)

PAMI, the social work for retirees and pensioners in Argentina, is offering free vaccinations for its members at the 6,000 pharmacies in the PAMI Network. The Ministry of Health of the Nation is responsible for providing and distributing the vaccines with priority given to PAMI members. This vaccination campaign, which started in April, has become urgent due to the recent cold wave in the country. Pneumonia mortality rates have been increasing in Argentina, making vaccination essential. To access the flu or pneumonia vaccine, members can visit the PAMI website to find a list of participating pharmacies or go to an authorized health center and present their identification and PAMI credential. The available vaccines include anti-flu vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (Pneumo 13), and pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (Pneumo 23).

How has the recent cold wave in Argentina impacted the urgency of PAMI’s vaccination campaign

The recent cold wave in Argentina may have impacted the urgency of PAMI’s vaccination campaign in several ways:

1. Difficulty in transporting vaccines: Extreme cold weather conditions can affect transportation systems, making it challenging to deliver vaccines to the intended locations. This can cause delays in the distribution process, affecting the pace of the vaccination campaign.

2. Vaccine storage: The cold wave may have required extra precautions in storing vaccines to maintain their effectiveness. Freezing temperatures can potentially damage or compromise the vaccines if not stored properly, leading to wastage and logistical issues.

3. Access to vaccination centers: Cold weather conditions can deter people from venturing out of their homes and visiting vaccination centers. This could lead to a decrease in the number of people getting vaccinated during the cold wave, slowing down the progress of the campaign.

4. Health risks for vulnerable populations: Cold weather can pose additional health risks, particularly for the elderly, who are the primary target population of PAMI’s vaccination campaign. The cold wave might have increased the urgency to vaccinate this vulnerable group as they are more susceptible to cold-related illnesses.

Overall, the recent cold wave in Argentina likely created challenges in the logistical aspects of PAMI’s vaccination campaign and increased the importance of vaccinating vulnerable populations during the extreme weather conditions.

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1 comment

Kendra June 24, 2023 - 10:21 pm

This is a wonderful initiative by PAMI, providing much-needed access to free vaccinations against flu and pneumonia. It’s essential to prioritize preventive measures like this to protect vulnerable populations. Bravo to the affiliated pharmacies for partnering in this vital healthcare effort.


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