New Vaccination Campaign to Begin in October and Potential Elimination of Mask Mandate in Healthcare Settings

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A new vaccination campaign begins in October. DL
A new vaccination campaign begins in October. DL

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June 17, 2023, 3:33

The Possibility of Eliminating Mandatory Mask Use in Healthcare Settings to be Discussed

The Minister of Health, José Miñones, announced on Friday that a meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council will take place before the end of this month to discuss the potential elimination of mandatory mask use in hospitals, health centers, pharmacies, and residences.

In an interview on RNE, Miñones emphasized the need to address this matter “seriously” and “rigorously.” He stated that experts and autonomous communities will be consulted through the Interterritorial Council.

The minister highlighted that the decision on mask use will be based on technical reports provided by experts. He expressed confidence that the use of masks will transition from mandatory to recommended.

New Vaccination Schedule and Immunization for Elderly and Health Professionals

Starting from October, individuals aged 80 and above, as well as health professionals, will receive immunization using the Spanish Hipra vaccine, in accordance with the new vaccination schedule.

The Hipra vaccine will be administered in combination with other existing vaccines, particularly Pfizer, for individuals within the specified age range. The minister emphasized the importance of continuing the vaccination efforts against COVID-19.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health will continue the vaccination campaign, prioritizing high-risk groups and encouraging the general population to get vaccinated.

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