Today Saturday, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz, toured the different vaccinations in the province and accompanied the work teams in this important task of immunizing the community.

“Vaccination is valuable when it comes to preventing diseases, such as Covid, flu or pneumonia. And it is to assess that one Saturday our human resources are immunizing in the nodes of 107, Autovac, Fanzolato, Alderetes, Yerba Buena, Tafí del Valle, among others,” said the minister. medina ruiz.

In addition, the official asked the population that, if more than four months have passed since the last dose of the anticovid vaccine and they do not have the full six-dose schedule, they should complete it. “With this they make sure to avoid complications in case of contagion and the next dose would correspond to next year. We are already in winter and it is very important to prevent diseases with the vaccine, with the mask and with hand hygiene, as we always proclaim, ”he added.

It should be noted that the graduates Margarita Rosalez, Valeria Herrera, Malena Núñez, Liliana Juárez, Nuria Bustos, Roxana Sercan and Dr. Claudia Lanús de Dulac were present in the different nodes working with the health teams.

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