Miguel Díaz-Canel Captured in a Luxury Restaurant during his Visit to Rome

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The President-Designate of Cuba Spotted in Rome

Wednesday June 21, 2023

Video Capture
Photo: Video Capture

The president-designate of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, was unexpectedly spotted leaving a luxurious restaurant in Rome during his visit to Italy. Accompanied by his wife and entourage, Díaz-Canel’s presence was captured by an artist who happened to be at the same venue as the cast of the Supernatural series, who were participating in a promotional event in the Italian capital.

The video, which was filmed by actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise, quickly went viral on social media.

In the footage, the artist recognizes the Cuban leader and jokingly mentions that he had dinner with “the Cuban president.” He also notes that Díaz-Canel seems to be a fan of Supernatural, as his visit to Rome coincided with a convention dedicated to the series.

“They are having a hell of a time on the tour… Díaz-Canel and Lis Cuesta captured in a luxurious restaurant in Rome, in Cuba they send people to eat moringa and resist with creativity!” tweeted Cuban activist Magdiel Jorge Castro, who shared the video.

Following the circulation of the video, numerous Cubans commented on the images, which not only featured Díaz-Canel but also showed actor Jensen Ackles, the star of Supernatural, enjoying dinner with friends while the Cuban leader walked past a few meters away.

A Controversial Visit to Rome

Miguel Díaz-Canel’s visit to Rome has been marked by controversy, particularly due to his meeting with Pope Francis. Speculation has arisen regarding the possibility of the Vatican mediating in a potential thaw between Cuba and the United States.

However, the attention of Cubans has been drawn to a different aspect of the visit. During the encounter with the Pope, Díaz-Canel introduced one of his sons as “the family’s oppositionist,” adding an ironic twist to the situation. The young lawyer, named Manuel Anido Cuesta, works alongside his father in the Cuban government, despite being labeled as an “oppositionist.”

Journalist Rolando Nápoles identified the young man and sarcastically questioned the significance of his oppositionist label, considering the dire situation faced by numerous political prisoners on the island.

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Y went viral on social media, with many people expressing surprise and excitement at seeing the future president of Cuba in such a public setting. The video showed Díaz-Canel and his wife enjoying a meal with their entourage, appearing relaxed and comfortable in the upscale restaurant. It is unclear what Díaz-Canel’s specific purpose was for visiting Rome, but his presence in the city sparked speculation and discussion among both Cuban and international audiences. This unexpected sighting of the president-designate serves as a reminder of the global interest and attention that political figures can attract, even when they are traveling unofficially.

What impact does the global attention on political figures, even during unofficial visits, have on their public image and political agenda

The global attention on political figures, even during unofficial visits, can have a significant impact on their public image and political agenda. Here are a few ways it can influence them:

1. Public perception: Political figures are aware that their actions and behavior are constantly under scrutiny, even when they are not in an official capacity. Any controversial or inappropriate actions during unofficial visits can lead to negative media coverage and damage their reputation. This can ultimately affect the public’s perception of their character and credibility.

2. Political agenda: Global attention can also shape a political figure’s agenda. They may feel the need to address international issues or engage in foreign policy discussions during unofficial visits in order to maintain their image as a global leader. This can influence their priorities and the policies they advocate for, even beyond their domestic concerns.

3. Diplomatic implications: The presence of international media during unofficial visits means that every move and statement by a political figure can impact diplomatic relationships. Their words and actions can be interpreted as representative of their government’s position, potentially leading to misunderstandings or tensions with other countries. Therefore, political figures must be cautious and mindful of their behavior during unofficial visits to prevent any diplomatic fallout.

4. Influence on domestic politics: A global spotlight on political figures, even during unofficial visits, can have an impact on their domestic political landscape. Positive international coverage and positive interactions with foreign leaders can increase their popularity and strengthen their political position at home. Conversely, negative international attention or controversies during unofficial visits can weaken their standing and provide ammunition for their political opponents.

Overall, the global attention on political figures, even during unofficial visits, can significantly shape their public image and influence their political agenda, both domestically and internationally. It underscores the need for them to be mindful of their actions and statements, as well as to strategically leverage these opportunities to further their political goals.

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Kenneth June 22, 2023 - 8:11 am

It’s disheartening to see politicians enjoying luxury while their citizens suffer. A true leader should prioritize the needs of the people over a lavish meal.


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