Migrants in California Claim to Have Been Deceived by Promised Job and Housing Opportunities

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A Group of Migrants Tricked with False Promises of Work and Housing

A group of migrants, including individuals from Venezuela, have come forward in California claiming they were deceived by individuals who offered them employment and housing. According to CNN, a total of 36 people were relocated from Texas to New Mexico before being mobilized to California.

The director of the Pico California organization, Eddie Carmona, provided this information. The majority of the relocated individuals are from Colombia and Venezuela.

Additional migrants come from Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. “We are here because they offered us work,” commented one of the migrants, a 34-year-old Venezuelan who preferred to remain anonymous for legal reasons.

“We were deceived by the people who arranged our flights. They promised us work and housing,” he added.

Investigators from the California Attorney General’s Office discovered that the migrants possessed alleged Florida documents, despite originating from Texas.

The documents identify Vertol Systems Company Inc. as the contractor responsible for the flights.

A signed contract reveals that the Florida Division of Emergency Management hired Vertol Systems to relocate the migrants in May. This marks the second collaboration between the Florida Government and the contractor since the fall of 2022.

Doubts Arise Regarding the Authenticity of the Documents

Officials from the Florida Division of Emergency Management have consistently maintained that all trips were voluntary.

According to Tara Gallegos, spokesperson for California Attorney General Rob Bonta, members of the initial group reported being asked to sign documents before boarding the plane to Sacramento. However, not all migrants understood their destination. “Not everyone signed the forms,” he stated.

The Venezuelan migrant shared that four individuals approached him at a shelter in El Paso, promising him a job and a place to live if he agreed to go to California.

Despite not speaking English, the migrant was asked to sign documents in that language. Although he did not comprehend the content, he signed them based on the promises made.

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