Microsoft Expands Surface Device Repair Program in Microsoft Store

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Microsoft Store Now Offers Self-Repair Parts for Surface Devices

Microsoft has joined the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung by introducing a self-repair program for its Surface devices. The company has started selling replacement parts for Surface products through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft’s Initiative to Empower Consumers

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that it is now offering replacement components for its Surface devices to technically inclined consumers. This initiative allows users to self-repair their Surface products that are out of warranty.

Available Replacement Parts

The replacement parts are currently available for the following Surface devices: Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Laptop Studio, and Surface Studio 2+. Customers can purchase a range of components, including screens, camera modules, keyboards, rubber feet, SSDs, and easels.

Support and Resources for Self-Repair

In addition to the replacement parts, Microsoft has provided users with a dedicated troubleshooting and self-repair page, service guides, and links to specific repair tools on iFixit. iFixit, known for its collaboration with Google and Samsung, is now partnering with Microsoft to support their self-repair programs.

Availability and Expansion

Currently, the availability of replacement parts in the Microsoft Store is limited to the United States, Canada, and France. However, Microsoft plans to expand access to resellers in all markets where Surface devices are available through internal channels.

Improved Repairability of Surface Devices

While earlier models of the Surface devices were notoriously difficult to repair, the latest models have become more modular and repairable. This shift towards increased repairability empowers users to exercise their right to repair.

The Global Movement for Right to Repair

The European Commission approved the right to repair appliances in 2021 and aims to extend it to electronic devices. Similarly, in the United States, the state of New York signed the Digital Fair Repair Act, which will come into effect on July 1, 2023. This law grants consumers and independent repair providers access to manuals and spare parts from manufacturers to facilitate device repairs.

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