Mexican Politician Acquitted of Drug Trafficking Charges in US

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US Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Mexican Politician Involved in Drug Case

A lawsuit against Denisse Ahumada Martínez, a Mexican politician who was arrested in Texas with 42 kilograms of cocaine in her vehicle, has been dismissed by a US judge, according to court records.

Judge’s Decision Explained

Judge Juan F. Alanis stated that the government failed to establish probable cause to charge Ahumada with the crime, leading to the dismissal of the case.

Ahumada’s Detention Absolved

The judge further ordered the release of Ahumada, absolving her of detention.

The Councilor of Reynosa Faces Charges

Denisse Ahumada, a councilor for Reynosa in Tamaulipas, a Mexican border state, had been charged with possession with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of a controlled substance.

The Incident at the Falfurrias Checkpoint

The complaint highlighted that on June 10, Border Patrol agents conducted an immigration inspection of Ahumada’s truck at the Falfurrias checkpoint in Texas, about 100 kilometers north of the border.

Discovery of Cocaine Packages

During the search, agents found anomalies in the seats, leading to a physical inspection. Packages containing cocaine were discovered in various parts of the van, including the seats and door panels. A subsequent test confirmed the presence of cocaine.

DEA Agents’ Interview

DEA agents, alerted by the Border Patrol, interviewed Ahumada at the Falfurrias station. She was read her rights and admitted to driving the truck from Mexico to the United States through the Hidalgo Port of Entry with the intention of transporting the concealed drugs to San Antonio, Texas. The complaint further revealed that Ahumada confessed to having transported drugs in the past.

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