Mexican Actress Accuses Partner and Mother-in-Law of Abandonment Due to Baby’s Gender

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Natalia Alcocer Accuses Partner and Mother-in-Law of Abandonment Due to Baby’s Sex

Mexican actress Natalia Alcocer has made accusations against her partner, Michael Cohn del Real, and his mother, alleging that they abandoned her because the sex of their baby did not meet their expectations. This incident supposedly occurred shortly after the baby was born.

Drama Unfolds After Baby’s Birth

Alcocer, known for her roles in series such as “La Rosa de Guadalupe,” announced the birth of her baby on the morning of June 14. She and her partner had decided to keep the baby’s sex a surprise until the birth, as previously stated by the actress.

However, late in the evening of that day, Alcocer stunned her followers with a series of messages on her Instagram account, narrating a supposed dramatic situation involving the baby’s father and grandmother.

Alcocer Accuses Baby’s Father and Grandmother

The actress claimed that her baby’s father, Venezuelan model Michael Cohn del Real, allegedly abandoned her because the baby’s sex did not align with his expectations. According to some Mexican media reports, the baby was a girl.

“I hope that regardless of the gender, my baby’s father will still feel love and that our family will respect the bond we have formed,” Alcocer wrote in one of her Instagram stories.

“It’s disheartening to witness such contempt towards a baby. She has already displayed bravery, strength, and power even before her birth,” expressed the 33-year-old artist.

“The support from my family did not meet my expectations. Today, I find myself alone, solely responsible for my baby, regardless of her gender,” she lamented.

“I did not abandon anyone weeks after giving birth to a baby whose sex I did not even judge. I will continue to fight and lead my family forward, regardless of the weight I carry,” she declared.

Alongside the claims against her partner, Alcocer also released a video where she mentioned difficulties with her mother-in-law, stating, “I have never experienced a situation where having a baby of a particular sex could cause problems with your mother-in-law.”

“I feel guilty, although I know I shouldn’t feel this way because it wasn’t even my decision. I’m not sure if this feeling is normal,” she confessed.

“I ponder why it makes me feel bad, why I feel guilty for not meeting everyone’s expectations. There were even derogatory comments made,” she revealed.

Alcocer accused, “I’m being punished simply because my baby did not match the gender the family desired.”

In a photo featuring her mother-in-law, Alcocer wrote, “She always showed a preference for a specific sex.”

“From the start, she was resistant to accepting my baby. The news did not sit well with her, and the attacks began,” she accused her partner’s mother.

As of now, Michael Cohn del Real has not responded to the actress’s allegations on his Instagram account.

Alcocer already has three daughters named Martina, Bruna, and Leonor, whom she had with her former partner Juan José Chimal until 2020. Their disputes have previously reached the Mexican courts.

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