Lionel Messi and his acolytes played the World Cup Final on December 18, 2022in the city doha qatar, against France. Gaucho and French fans packed the building hoping to see their respective teams triumph. However, in an exciting and balanced match, the Middle Eastern country saw Argentina crowned world champion. Messi raised the cup as he had done Diego Armando Maradona in it World Cup in Mexico 198636 years ago.

In the stands, the 4 best fans for the Argentine star watched his father and husband take the helm of the albiceleste ship to put the cherry on the cake of his football career: The world Cup. Messi’s lifelong love, Antonela, and their three fruits of the unconditional feeling they hold for each other, were the best inspiration for the Argentine’s triumph.

Children of Messi: His unconditional little tribe

For football lovers, the family of Lionel Messi is as well known as the figure of the albiceleste. In the stands, at the ceremony for the Ballon d’Or, during the World Cup, in the Copa Amricaeven on social networks, the family Messi it is always present. One of the athlete’s successors, Mateo, has aroused the curiosity of Internet users by showing great soccer qualities. The little one also conquers with his mischief, because according to his own confessions lionel In an interview for Argentine television, Mateo celebrates the goals of his rivals to make his two brothers angry

One day, we were playing and he told me: ‘pa, I’m with Liverpool because they beat them’

Lionel Messi, in an interview for Argentine television

The little boy is an internet sensation, the family’s followers were fascinated by a video in which Mateo is seen celebrating a goal, in the stadium, which was not.

Children of Messi: Future footballers?

Will the children of the successful athlete be players like him? They are still too young to know it, but two of them already play soccer, both are right-handed unlike the parent. Mateo and Thiago are already on the pitches and they have also been seen several times playing football in the family garden, in the company of his father.

Messi’s children: how many does he have and what are their names?

The wife of the Argentine star is a friend and girlfriend since childhood, Antonela, with her they have fathered three boys: Thiago, 9 years old, Mateo, 6, and Ciro, 4.

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