Messi talks about his future plans and his desire to win the Copa América 2024 in an interview on TV China

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Messi on Chinese TV: Reflects on Past and Talks Future Goals

They taught Messi to say his name on Chinese TV

The Argentine national team‘s arrival in China has generated a buzz among its fans. Lionel Messi, who is the face of the team, led them to victory in the World Cup in Qatar. In China, he is the most popular and requested player by the fans from there and nearby countries. His fans hope to take a photo with him, even if it is from afar.

Waiting for their friendly match against Australia, and after participating in an interview, Messi spoke again on Chinese TV. The interviewer first showed him how his last name should be pronounced. The historic number 10 of the Selection smiled in surprise and managed to say, “Equal”.

Messi on Chinese TV spoke about his desire to win the Copa América 2024

Messi’s Future Goals

Messi was asked if he would make it to the next World Cup in 2026. He replied, “There are still many years left for that. My goal is day by day, to continue performing at my best, and for things to happen as they have to happen.” Messi is focused on the short term and not the long term.

He was reminded of the conquest of the gold medal that the Argentine national team achieved in Beijing in 2008. When asked about it, Messi said, “It was a very special moment. It’s been many years since that title, and whenever we come to China, people treat us well with great affection.”

Messi explained the reasons that prevented him from being able to see tourist places in Beijing. He said, “We know very little about the country because we are in the hotel, from the hotel to the stadium and it doesn’t give us much time to get to know all the places we go to, we go through the same thing a bit. We didn’t get to know much because we spent a lot of time in hotels.”

Messi is looking forward to the future with a positive attitude. He wants to win the Copa América 2024 and says, “Trying to reach the highest level, to achieve it, and I think that’s the mentality of this group. Do your best to reach the competition and each match in the best way to compete.”

Other Topics Discussed

Messi was also asked about his desire to be a coach in the future. He said, “Right now, I don’t think about being a coach. My intention, I don’t think it is, but then more things can happen after I leave football. I know that, today, I would not be a coach, but anything can happen.”

When asked about how he takes care of his physique, Messi said, “Taking care of yourself at meals, a good rest, is very important for any elite athlete, not only for soccer. Rest, we play many games in a row each year, and I believe that eating well and, above all, resting well is important when it comes to competing.”

Messi was asked about his most important match. He replied, “I had many important and far-reaching matches such as the Champions League final or the 2014 World Cup final in which we were not lucky enough to win. I was lucky throughout my career, playing many important games, winning many things and others not meeting the goal we had. It’s hard to say one game, but I think I went through many.”

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