Meet Carlos Adyan’s Successful Partner: An Insight into the Life of Carlos Quintanilla

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The Rise of Carlos Adyan: A Face of Spanish-Speaking Television

Carlos Adyan has undeniably become one of the most important figures in Spanish-speaking television, thanks to his work as the host of the popular program “At Home with Telemundo.” But who is his partner, and what can we learn about their relationship? Depor delves deeper into the life of this rising television star and his executive boyfriend, Carlos Quintanilla.

The presenter Carlos Adyan on Nadia Ferreira's birthday (Photo: Carlos Adyan / Instagram)

The presenter Carlos Adyan on Nadia Ferreira’s birthday (Photo: Carlos Adyan / Instagram)

The Career of Carlos Adyan

Carlos Adyan’s career has skyrocketed in recent years, and his success can be attributed to his natural, authentic presence in front of the camera and his ability to connect with audiences. “I believe that the biggest challenge for any host is to be yourself,” he explains. “Fortunately, I am a very self-confident person. I am unafraid to express my opinions, which is important in a country that values freedom of expression.”

Adyan’s widespread popularity is reflected in his social media presence, boasting half a million followers on Instagram alone. “I don’t even feel like I’m working,” he says of his career. “People will see a lot of travel, but it’s all part of my job.”

While Adyan’s professional success is noteworthy, his relationship with Carlos Quintanilla has also contributed to his current happiness and drive for growth.

Carlos Adyan on a trip with his partner Carlos Quintanilla (Photo: Carlos Adyan / Instagram)

Carlos Adyan on a trip with his partner Carlos Quintanilla (Photo: Carlos Adyan / Instagram)

Carlos Quintanilla: Executive Boyfriend and Accomplished Writer

Carlos Quintanilla Sakar is not just Adyan’s partner – he is also an accomplished writer and screenwriter. Starting at the young age of 16, he rose to the position of Vice President of Original Content for Sony Pictures Television for Latin America and currently oversees the fiction programming for SPT. His impressive resume includes work with Telemundo Streaming Studios and the creation of hit series like “Z-control” (Netflix), “Mujeres Asesinas” (Televisa), “Rosary Scissors” (SPT), and “Arms of a Woman” (HBO Max and Peacock).

Adyan has proudly shared his love for Quintanilla on social media, particularly during their trip to Turkey in March 2023. He is unafraid to confront negativity towards their relationship, asserting that, “I’m not going to let other people dictate my happiness.”

The Sweet Message of Love from Carlos Adyan

Adyan has publicly and unabashedly proclaimed his gratitude for Quintanilla’s positive influence in his life. Posting a touching tribute to his partner on Instagram, Adyan wrote, “Thank you for teaching me to be more secure, to let negativity slide, to prioritize what really matters, and to love in a healthy way.”

Carlos Adyan: Fast Facts

  • Name: Carlos Adyan
  • Date of birth: December 31, 1995
  • Place of birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Nationality: Puerto Rican
  • Occupation: Television host
  • Program: “At Home with Telemundo”

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