Medical Professional in Cuba Expresses the Struggles and Resignation of Leaving the Profession

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Cuban Doctor Opens Up About Leaving His Profession

Thursday June 15, 2023

Photos: Juan Carlos Fuentes del Río.

“How does it feel to leave your profession? It feels like a whirlwind of emotions: sadness, longing, and nostalgia. It’s heartbreaking to see my colleagues donning their white coats and heading to work,” shared Cuban doctor Juan Carlos Fuentes del Río on Facebook.

“Being a Doctor of Medicine, an achievement that only a select few can attain. Becoming a doctor in Cuba means shedding tears when unable to help a patient, despite knowing their condition and being unable to provide a solution,” he lamented.

“It’s disheartening to give up, filled with years of sacrifice, countless hours of studying, and achieving excellent grades through dedication and effort. But only I truly know the depth of my emotions,” he added.

“What hurts even more is being humiliated by people with low intelligence, driven by absurd metrics. I wish we were fairly compensated for our work and effort,” he expressed with frustration.

“I yearn for the necessary medical supplies to treat the sick and save lives, rather than risking it all during a medical shift,” he voiced his concerns.

“I hope that one day I can proudly wear my white coat again. For now, I must explore different paths and horizons. But I know this is just a temporary pause. I am certain that one day, I will wield my weapon once more to save lives,” he concluded optimistically.

Many Cubans expressed their support and wished the young doctor success in his new journey.

“Believe me, very few possess your courage. You have your entire life ahead of you, and no one can judge you for pursuing your dreams. As a close friend of your family, I have known you since birth. I am certain that you will overcome any obstacles. You are like a brother to my beloved nephews, and thus, I am obligated to love and wish you the very best in the world, my dear. Stay strong and never forget to express gratitude to those who guided and supported you. May God always be on your side. You are a true warrior, and I have no doubt that victory will be yours in every battle,” wrote a heartfelt message from a supportive friend.

“I bless you. I understand the immense pressure you face as a graduate, providing consultations where you can do nothing but say ‘I’m sorry, I can’t alleviate your pain, I don’t have the means.’ I have a friend who works as an anesthesiologist, and since I’ve known him, he has been collecting leftovers to feed his pigs. He sells them to afford basic necessities like clothes, shoes, pens, and even a subpar bicycle. This is the reality for doctors in Cuba,” shared another concerned individual.

“And it’s not just him. I know a doctor from my neighborhood who abandoned her profession to work in a micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise (MSME). It’s evident that the salary is the main reason. No one can survive with the inflated prices the State has imposed on products that are scarce and insufficient for a month’s sustenance. Cubans spend their time figuring out how to feed their loved ones and themselves,” added a Cuban woman, reflecting on the economic challenges faced by medical professionals.

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