On April 11, the 30-year-old presenter broadcast for her program, ‘Buenas Banda’, from the outskirts of the actress’s house, 64, and provided details of the service that was being carried out.

After the great controversy among Guardia’s admirers that generated what he did, the Venezuelan model affirmed that the link was made “without any kind of fraud.”

Marie Claire, girlfriend of José Manuel Figueroa, pleads with Maribel Guardia

Now, two months after what happened, Marie Claire sent a few words to Maribel Guardia with the purpose of apologizing for her actions.

“Sorry, sorry, I was stupid,” she said emphatically into the microphone of Sit Whoever Can! this June 13.

“If I could go back in time at this moment to be able to make a decision on whether to do that ‘live’ or not, I would have preferred not to do it,” he added.

“Honestly, I shouldn’t have done it. (…) I don’t know what she was thinking about, I didn’t see at that moment the consequences that could (happen), I didn’t think about Maribel’s heart, ”she admitted.

“I hope I have the chance, and God bless me, to be able to have a coffee with her and explain the situation to her. Maribel is a very generous person and she understands the whole issue of the news and the press, and I feel that she knows, ”she declared.

Likewise, she confessed that her behavior in that intimate event for Guardia and her loved ones will be “a karma” with which she will carry forever.

Why did Marie Claire connect to the broadcast from Maribel Guardia’s residence?

During her participation in La Casa de los Famosos México, Marie Claire explained to her colleagues the reason why she made contact with the ‘show’ in which she participates from outside Maribel’s home.

“It was half past two in the afternoon, and I had to go, but I knew that if I left, I would not be able to return, and José Manuel was very ill,” he said.

“He does not express, but he was super upset because he had spoken with Julián a few days before. What happened was I said, ‘I’m going to link out,’” he added.

Harp asserted that no one forced her to connect to the broadcast. “I told my producer: ‘Hey, I’m going to link from here and I’m going to comment on what I’m experiencing, what I’m going through,'” she detailed.


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