Lionel Messi’s Firm Stance on Speaking in Languages ​​other than Spanish

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Lionel Messi in the friendly against Australia, in China (Photo by Di Yin/Getty Images) – Credits: @Di Yin

Lionel Messi Firmly Stands by His Native Language

In the last few hours, a video has surfaced showcasing the unwavering stance of Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentine national team, when asked to speak in a language other than Spanish. With a shy yet resolute character, the seven-time Golden Ball winner has consistently asserted his position on this matter throughout his career.

A Clear Message

During an interview for Chinese television, where the national team played a friendly match against Australia, Messi once again reiterated his firm stance. The video compilation begins with this recent public appearance, where the host asks him to say hello “in Chinese”.

Unwavering Response

Uncomfortable with the request, Messi dismisses the interviewer and replies, “Well, in Spanish. Hi everyone, nice to greet you and be here.” The edited video also includes a segment from his visit to Egypt, where he was asked to say “I love Egypt” in English. Ignoring the request, Messi firmly responds, “no no no thanks”.

A Humorous Exchange

In one of his first interviews as a PSG player, Messi engaged in a lighthearted conversation with journalist Christian Martin. When Martin thanked him in French, he playfully asked Messi how to say it. With a smile, the Argentine soccer player replied in Spanish, “thank you,” and stood up from his seat.

A Language Preference

During a tour with the French team, Messi and his teammates recorded a message anticipating their visit to an Asian country. While Mbappé and Neymar spoke in English, Messi chose to deliver his message in Spanish, displaying a less friendly expression.

A Tribute to Tradition

The video also includes an old greeting from Messi’s time at Barcelona, where the team’s footballers extended their wishes for the Chinese New Year. While Neymar and Luis Suárez spoke in Chinese, Messi conveyed his greetings in his indelible “Rosarino” Spanish.

Fans Show Their Support

The compilation of these instances sparked various reactions on social media, with Messi’s fans expressing their admiration and support for their idol. Messages like “I love you with all my life” and “Messi does more for the Spanish language than the entire Spanish Royal Academy” flooded the comments section.

A True Representation

Reflecting on Messi’s language preference, one user remarked, “It’s amazing how Messi consistently represents Latin America. He always prioritizes his native language and refuses to change it. He loves his country more than anyone and popularizes our language like few others.”

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