Lionel Messi moves to Inter Miami: A new chapter in the career of the Argentine soccer player

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Lionel Messi Makes Surprising Move to Inter Miami

One of the biggest news in the world of football in 2023 is the transfer of Lionel Messi, widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time, from Paris Saint-Germain to Inter Miami, a team owned by former player David Beckham.

Speculation about Messi’s Return to Barcelona

The announcement came as a surprise, as there were speculations about Messi’s return to Barcelona, a prestigious team with which no agreement was reached. Instead, he signed with the United States MLS squad, a country where it was always rumored he would play towards the end of his sports career.

Family Considerations Influence Messi’s Decision

The press that closely follows Messi’s life reports that he believes the North American country is the best place to educate his children, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. This factor weighed heavily on his decision to join Inter Miami.

Messi and his family
Messi chose Miami as the ideal place to educate his three children, the result of his marriage to Antonella Roccuzzo. – Photo: AP

Messi’s Property Investments in Miami

As he embarks on his new life in the United States, Messi and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, won’t have the dilemma that many face when looking for a home. With his fortune of approximately 600 million dollars, he can acquire any property he desires.

However, for now, they won’t have to worry about that upon their arrival in Miami in early July. The exact date of Messi’s debut on the field with the team is still unclear.

Interestingly, the Argentine seemed to have a premonition that his path would one day lead him to the “Capital of the Sun.” He started acquiring properties in Miami four years ago.

Messi’s Luxury Apartment at Porsche Design Tower

According to the Spanish sports newspaper Marca, in 2019, Messi acquired apartment 4705 at the Porsche Design Tower building. This $9 million apartment is located in the exclusive and highly expensive sector of Sunny Isles Beach, offering a superb view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Futuristic Features of the Porsche Design Tower

The building, situated 21 kilometers from downtown Miami, was designed with a futuristic inspiration. It boasts 57 floors and houses 132 apartments ranging from 350 to 880 square meters. With 24-hour security, a heated pool, gym, spa, and three car elevators, residents can conveniently park their vehicles on the same floor where they live.

Porsche Design Tower
Messi started buying properties in Miami four years ago. – Photo: Getty Images

Messi’s Second Apartment at Regalia Tower House

Two years after acquiring the Porsche Design Tower apartment, Messi purchased another apartment at the Regalia Tower House, currently valued at over $6 million. This 512-square-meter apartment, along with a 195-square-meter terrace, offers a 360-degree view of the beautiful Miami landscape. It features four bedrooms, ample space for the Messi family, and luxurious finishes such as fine woods and marble. Notably, it includes a refrigerator with a capacity for thousands of bottles. If rented, an apartment of similar style would cost $40,000 a month, equivalent to over 2.3 billion pesos.

Regalia Tower House
Mhoni Vidente claims that Messi will court Shakira in Miami. – Photo: Montage: Week

Messi’s Vacation in Argentina

Currently, according to the Argentine press, Messi is in the United States to enjoy a vacation before his final move to Florida. He recently arrived with his family in his hometown of Rosario, where he owns another luxurious residence in the Kentucky neighborhood of Funes.

The idea, as reported by local media, is for Messi to disconnect from football during this time. However, it is not ruled out that he may participate in some friendly matches on the occasion of the farewells of his Argentine teammates Maxi Rodríguez and Juan Román Riquelme.

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