Lionel Messi He became a serial conqueror for the public, and this goes beyond his sports career, considered by many to be the best player in the world. This was demonstrated last Sunday, when it was released the expected chapter who filmed for The protectorsseries for Star +, starring Adrian Suar, Gustavo Bermúdez and Andrés Parra, that has him as a special guest and in which he was able to demonstrate his acting skills.

For a few weeks now, fans of the Argentine captain have been looking forward to the premiere of the second season of The protectors, the series in which the work of three men who are linked to the world of football offer services to athletes and go through funny situations is narrated. As well anticipated, in its first chapter the trio would confront Lionel Messi to convince him to make a deal.

Lionel Messi debuted as an actor in Los Protectores (Video capture)

Expectations were very high and the wait ended last Sunday, after the Argentine played the farewell match for Juan Román Riquelme at La Bombonera, when the new season of fiction premiered on the eltrece screen. There are five minutes in which Lionel Messi performs his performance, going through different states of mind that he represents with great security. In the run-up to the premiere, Adrián Suar had anticipated that what would be seen on the screen would be of excellent quality, seeing the player with a great acting level. “What acts Leo. I play it perfect, he did it very well ”, expressed in a recent interview with Ángel de Brito for THE M (America).

The story that involves the captain in fiction affects the view he receives from Los Protectores, having a link with a “Count” (Gustavo Bermúdez). In the midst of the great happiness on the part of the trio for the meeting before the important world figure, they unleash various situations that the player experiences daily, such as requesting selfies and greetings, to which he is receptive. However, his mood changes completely when Renzo (Adrián Suar) offers him to work in Argentina playing in promotion clubs.

Lionel Messi debuted as an actor in The Protectors

“It seems to me that you are misplaced, how are you going to come to offer me a business here. It’s to give you a pineapple, honestly. They didn’t tell me this, they said that They were going to talk to me about a project of the boys… what I do, I don’t do it for business”, throw Messi acting really angry. The attitude made The Protectors uncomfortable, who tried to calm him down and succeeded. The sequence ends with a very heartfelt apology and a toast is the signing of peace between those involved.

Lionel Messi agreed to act in the series starring Adrián Suar (Video capture)

Of course, the scene had a great impact on social networks. Punctually, on Twitter the player had an ovation: “The best in the world even acting”; “We love you, whatever you do”; “Everything is good”; “I am not surprised that Messi is good at acting, he is the best in the world at everything”; “We already want Leo’s acting career”; “I love him in everything he does” and “I want more of Messi actor”.


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