Leo Messi Enjoying Family Time Before Joining Inter Miami: A Low-Key Birthday Celebration and Messages of Gratitude

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Leo Messi Celebrates 36th Birthday with Family

Leo Messi is making the most of his vacation days before joining Inter Miami. The Argentine football star is spending quality time with his family, including his wife Antonella and their children Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. Unlike other footballers or influencers, Messi opted for a low-key celebration for his 36th birthday on June 24.

Expressing Gratitude for Birthday Wishes

Messi took to his Instagram account to express his gratitude for all the birthday wishes he received. He wrote, “Thank you very much for all the congratulations! I am enjoying this year and being able to celebrate it in Rosario with the people I love. A huge hug!”

A Simple Celebration with Loved Ones

The birthday photo shared by Messi shows the happy family with smiles on their faces. In the background, balloons with the number 36 and a simple cake can be seen. However, the cake’s design has sparked discussions on social media, as some users pointed out that it resembled an upside-down nine rather than a six.

Messi’s Favorite
Foods and Presents

In addition to spending time with his family, Messi also enjoyed his favorite foods on his birthday. He shared a photo of himself holding a plate of empanadas, a traditional Argentine dish. As for presents, Messi received a special gift from his childhood friend and former teammate, Sergio Aguero. Aguero gifted him a vintage Game Boy, reminding Messi of their childhood memories playing video games together.

Excitement for the Future

Despite celebrating his 36th birthday, Messi is not slowing down. He is eagerly looking forward to joining Inter Miami and beginning a new chapter in his football career. As fans continue to shower him with love and well wishes, Messi remains grateful for the support and excited for what the future holds.

What traditional Argentine dish did Messi enjoy on his birthday?

There is no information available about the traditional Argentine dish that Messi enjoyed on his birthday.

What gift did Messi receive from his childhood friend and former teammate, Sergio Aguero, on his birthday

On his birthday, Messi received a watch from his childhood friend and former teammate, Sergio Aguero. The given information is incorrect. According to the paragraph, Messi enjoyed empanadas, a traditional Argentine dish, on his birthday. He also received a vintage Game Boy as a gift from Sergio Aguero.

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Reed June 27, 2023 - 9:23 am

It’s heartwarming to see Leo Messi prioritizing family time and celebrating his birthday in a low-key manner. It reflects his down-to-earth nature and brings a smile to our faces. As he prepares to join Inter Miami, his messages of gratitude only add to our admiration for this football legend.

Ariah June 27, 2023 - 9:23 am

It’s heartwarming to see Leo Messi cherishing quality time with his family before embarking on a new chapter with Inter Miami. His low-key birthday celebration and messages of gratitude reflect his humble and appreciative nature. Wishing him all the best in this exciting new journey!


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