Leo Messi detained in China for lack of proper documentation on arrival for Argentina’s friends

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Leo Messi arrested in China

Argentina’s star player detained by authorities


Leo Messi, the top football player from Argentina, has made headlines on social media due to his recent arrest in China. Argentina’s national team was scheduled to play friendly matches in China on FIFA date, and when the team arrived at the airport, authorities detained the superstar due to missing documents.

The Arrest of Messi

The news of Leo Messi’s detention in China surfaced when the police held him since he didn’t have the necessary papers to enter the country. He came to the country believing that the visa was not required, and his passport alone would access China. The authorities refused his passage, and after a long process, the problem was resolved, and Messi was released.

Reaction of the Fans

Despite his detention, Messi’s fans gave him a warm welcome when he arrived in China. They gathered around the airport to show their love and support for the superstar football player. In addition, “Messi is already in Beijing” trended on social media in China, as fans expressed their excitement about Messi’s presence in the country.

Upcoming Matches

The next matches for Argentina’s national team will be against Australia on Thursday the 15th and Indonesia on Monday the 19th. Julian Alvarez, the Argentine striker who was previously delayed due to his commitment to the Champions League, will join the team soon.

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