Lenier Mesa surprised on hidden camera: An unexpected joke

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Unexpected Moment: Lenier Table Falls Victim to Hidden Camera Prank

At the most unexpected moment, anyone can fall victim to a hidden camera prank. Lenier Table, the renowned singer, was no exception. However, it is worth noting that he believed he was doing a good deed and helping a friend.

A Surprising Joke

The singer took to his Instagram to share a video of the prank played on him by Cuban chef Yeikel Santos. Lenier confessed that he did not anticipate such an incident.

A Misunderstood Expectation

Wearing an apron, Lenier anticipated getting a close look at one of the chef’s dishes. However, to his surprise, Yeikel appeared serious and visibly distressed. He said, “You’re the one I need to help me, I have a tremendous problem.”

A Desperate Situation

Curious, Lenier asked Yeikel about his problem. The chef revealed that he had been evicted from his house due to two months of unpaid rent.

An Offer Declined

Lenier’s first suggestion was to offer his help in cleaning the pool. However, the singer was informed that the chef already had two people taking care of it. “I’m sleeping in the car,” said Yeikel. Lenier couldn’t believe it, as he had experienced a similar situation when he arrived in Miami and had to sleep in his car for 15 days.

A Generous Gesture

Feeling empathetic, Lenier immediately offered to lend Yeikel money so he could stay in a hotel. Without hesitation, he agreed to help his friend in need.

The Reveal

Eventually, Yeikel couldn’t contain his laughter and revealed that it was all a hidden camera prank. Although Lenier claimed to have suspected it, he asked if they were truly recording, and the video serves as evidence of the prank.

A History of Pranks

This is not the first time Yeikel has orchestrated such pranks. In collaboration with Aly Sánchez, they previously played a joke on Heydy González, which caused her significant distress.

Do you have something to report? Write to CiberCuba:

N become the victim of a hidden camera prank, as was the case with Lenier Table. In a video captured and shared on YouTube, Table can be seen sitting in a park, minding his own business, when suddenly a table seemingly falls out of nowhere onto his lap. The prank, orchestrated by a group of friends, was met with a mix of shock and amusement from bystanders. Despite the initial surprise, Table was able to see the funny side of the prank and jokingly chastised his friends for their trickery. The video serves as a reminder that unexpected moments can happen to anyone and even bring some laughter into our lives.

What ethical considerations should be taken into account when planning and executing hidden camera pranks, in order to ensure that they are respectful and harmless to all involved

When planning and executing hidden camera pranks, several ethical considerations should be taken into account to ensure respect and harmlessness to all involved:

1. Consent and Respect: Obtain explicit consent from all participants before recording or broadcasting the prank. Ensure that they fully understand the nature of the prank and are comfortable with it. Respect their boundaries, privacy, and dignity throughout the process.

2. Safety: Prioritize the safety of all individuals involved, including the pranksters and the unsuspecting participants. Avoid creating dangerous or harmful situations that may cause physical or emotional harm.

3. Vulnerable Individuals: Exercise special caution when considering pranks involving children, elderly individuals, or people with disabilities. Their physical or mental well-being might be more susceptible, and their consent may require additional considerations and safeguards.

4. Cultural Sensitivity: Be aware of cultural, religious, and social differences while designing pranks. Ensure that the prank does not offend or disrespect any individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, or any other characteristic.

5. Public Spaces and Legal Considerations: Avoid pranks that violate laws, regulations, or societal norms. Respect private property rights and do not intrude upon restricted areas. Ensure that the prank does not negatively impact the reputation or rights of any establishment or individual involved.

6. Psychological and Emotional Well-being: Assess the potential psychological impact of the prank on participants. Avoid subjecting individuals to intense fear, anxiety, embarrassment, or trauma. Do not exploit any personal vulnerabilities that may result in emotional distress.

7. Transparency: Be transparent about the nature of the prank once it has been executed. Reveal the hidden cameras, explain the purpose, and seek consent to use the footage publicly if necessary. Ensure that participants have the ability to opt-out or request the removal of the footage if they feel uncomfortable.

Remember that the goal of a hidden camera prank is to entertain and bring joy to all parties involved. Prioritizing consent, respect, and the well-being of participants is crucial to ensure that no harm is inflicted and that the prank remains harmless and enjoyable for everyone.

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