Lawyer for Colombians imprisoned in Haiti warns that they could be murdered

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According to this, the lawyer Sondra Macollins, defense of the families of the detainees, joins the request of the Foreign Ministry by asking that the rights of the compatriots who are currently detained within this prison be ensured.

“I make an urgent call to the international community, defenders of human rights and the Colombian national government to avoid a terrible tragedy”said the lawyer.

This call was made through social networks minutes after the Foreign Ministry, headed by Luis Gilberto Murillo, asked for diplomatic help with the Haitian government to try to save his life of the compatriots.

Crisis in Haiti

EFE has been able to see the bodies of at least 10 people around the prison, some of them torn apart by dogsas a result of a night marked by violence, without the Government having yet commented on the situation.

Everything seems to indicate that, as this Sunday progresses, The death toll from the attack will increase last night to the National Penitentiary.

On the street, the versions suggest that the Police, who seems to be regaining control of the situationhas also collected some corpses.

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Haiti, which woke up apparently calm today, experienced moments of extreme violence last night, with intense confrontations between the gangs and the Police and the entry of armed groups into the civil prison, the largest prison in Port-au-Prince.

On social networks there are videos in which you can see how The powerful leader of the Village de Dieu gang, Izo, monitors both the National Penitentiary and the National Palace using sophisticated drones.

According to the versions that circulate on the networks, The next objective of the armed groups would be precisely the National Palace.

The bands They are using the networks to reveal their plans to take control of all State institutions, with the aim of overthrowing the Government.

“The Government of Colombia reiterates its solidarity with the Haitian people and the commitment to work bilaterally and regionally to find structural and lasting solutions to the current crisis in Haiti. These solutions must involve and commit all sectors of Haitian societywith the objective of providing a horizon of human development and prosperity to the Haitian people,” added the Foreign Ministry.

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