Kourtney Kardashian Shares First Photos of Her Pregnant Belly

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Exciting News: Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Her Baby Bump!

One day after making the announcement, she showed off her tummy in these pictures!

A Surprise at the Concert

Last Friday, Kourtney Kardashian attended the concert of the band Blink-182, where her partner, Travis Barker, serves as the drummer. Little did the audience know that the 44-year-old socialite had something special planned from her spot in the crowd.

A Heartwarming Moment

The atmosphere turned emotional when the expectant father left his drum set and made his way to the front row to shower his wife with kisses and hugs. Now, the couple has once again become the center of attention with another heartwarming moment.

A Glimpse of the Baby Bump

Kourtney took to her social media platforms to share some intimate photos, revealing her baby bump for the first time. The size of her belly, as seen in the images, suggests that she is quite far along in her pregnancy.

A Question of Timing

These images have sparked speculation about whether Travis learned about the pregnancy through the banner or if he already knew beforehand. Kourtney’s noticeable bump makes it clear that she is expecting, unless they haven’t seen each other in a month. Regardless, the couple’s affectionate gestures and loving gazes speak volumes about their excitement to finally see their long-held dream come true. Congratulations to the future parents!

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