Kelis responds to speculation about her romantic relationship with Bill Murray

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Kelis not bothered by speculation about her love life with Bill Murray

Musician Kelis Rogers, popularly known as Kelis, has brushed off rumors about her alleged romantic involvement with actor Bill Murray. The rumor mill began with a story published by the US Sun newspaper on Thursday, which caused confusion online and sent Twitter abuzz with hilarious reactions surrounding the unlikely couple.

Kelis and Bill Murray
Kelis and Bill Murray (Credit: Getty Images)

In response to a user inquiry on an Instagram photo she posted, Kelis replied vaguely, “Lol, no babe, I wouldn’t mind at all” about addressing the allegations regarding her alleged relationship with the Ghostbusters actor.

CNN sought comments from representatives for both Kelis and Murray. However, they are yet to publicly confirm their relationship status.

Kelis shares her private life

The singer, who had previously been married to rapper Nas until their divorce in 2009, married photographer Mike Mora in 2014 and announced his passing from stage 4 stomach cancer in March 2022, leaving her with a son, shared a post on Instagram reflecting on the impact of her husband’s death a year later.

“I am a very private person in general, especially when it concerns family affairs,” Kelis wrote in March. “But there is no denying the impact and evolution that the death of my husband has had on my life.”

Murray, aged 72, was married to Jennifer Butler for 11 years before their separation in 2008, and they have four children together. Butler died suddenly in 2021. Murray has two additional children with his first wife, Margaret Kelly, whom he married in 1981 and divorced in 1996.

The actor talks about his recent suspension from a movie project

  • Bill Murray On Being Mortal Movie Suspension Says: I Did Something I Thought Was Funny And It Wasn’t Taken That Way

Notably, Murray recently received a suspension from a movie project, which prompted him to admit to doing something he believed was funny and meant for good intentions, but which was misunderstood.

The actress and actor remain tight-lipped about their rumored relationship, and time will tell whether this is just mere speculation or a couple in the making.

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