Keechant Sewell, the first woman commissioner of the New York Police, resigns after a year and a half in office without explaining the reasons

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New York Police Commissioner Resigns After Only 18 Months

The first woman commissioner of the NYPD, Keechant Sewell, has resigned without citing any specific reasons. Sewell had been in charge of the largest police department in the United States for only a year and a half. Her resignation has come as a surprise to many, as she had been praised for her work which had led to a decrease in crime in the city.

Mayor Eric Adams Thanks Sewell for Her Work

Mayor Eric Adams, who appointed Sewell in January 2022, thanked her in an official statement for her dedication to work. According to him, her work had led to a decrease in crime in all categories, and the people of New York owed her a debt of gratitude.

Sewell Acknowledges Colleagues in Resignation Letter

In a resignation letter sent to her colleagues, Sewell, a 51-year-old African American from Queens, acknowledged the “extraordinary” work they do to protect the city. She said that she had made the decision to resign her position, but that she will always be an advocate for the people of the city and for the NYPD.

“Since I joined you almost a year and a half ago, we have faced tremendous tragedies, challenges and triumphs together. I have witnessed daily your compassion, heroism and selflessness,” she wrote in the letter.

Growing Sense of Insecurity in Public Spaces

While crime statistics are not particularly dire compared to other eras, there is a growing sense of insecurity in public spaces like the New York subway, which is used daily by 2.4 million people.

Possible Causes for Resignation

The New York Post has suggested some possible causes for Sewell’s resignation. One cause could be that she was not allowed to make certain decisions without prior permission from the municipal government, particularly promotions. The newspaper has also claimed that Mayor Adams was unaware of her resignation and was taken by surprise.

An Extraordinary Collective of Hard-Working Public Servants

Sewell concluded her resignation letter by reaffirming her belief that the NYPD is an extraordinary collective of hard-working public servants dedicated to keeping the city safe, engaging with communities, and sharing knowledge with partners for the benefit of the world.

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