Karol G and Feid Confirm Their Relationship with Public Display of Affection at Concert in Miami

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Fans Notice Similarities in Photos and Videos


Instagram @karolg / @feid

Fans have noticed that there are several similarities in the photos and videos they post.

Karol G and Feid Confirm Their Relationship

Karol G and Feid Arrive Hand in Hand at Miami Concert

Feid, who had openly expressed his admiration for Bichota, appeared in a white T-shirt with his name, black shorts, sneakers, and his signature hat and sunglasses. On the other hand, Karol G wore a white crop-top, platform heels in the same color, and green pants, which happens to be Feid’s favorite color.

(We recommend: Karol G commented on Feid’s latest post: “They’ve confirmed their relationship”)

With this public display of affection, Karol G not only confirms her new love but also sends a message to her ex-partner, Puerto Rican artist Anuel AA. In recent weeks, Anuel AA has been sending messages to both Karol G and Feid, seemingly expressing regret over the end of his relationship with the Colombian singer.

The artists collaborate on a new single called ‘Friki’.


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