José Miñones announces the first high-level meeting on vaccination throughout life

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Minister of Health Emphasizes the Importance of Vaccination at Global Conference

The Minister of Health, José Miñones, has made significant progress in the closing of the Global Conference on the Impact of Vaccination organized by Gavi. This conference, taking place on July 18 in Madrid, marks the first high-level meeting on health matters under the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union, focusing on ‘Vaccination throughout life’.

During the six-month European presidency, Minister Miñones has highlighted the intention to hold various technical and high-level meetings to raise important issues, such as vaccination’s significance and the impact of climate change on health.

Notably, Spain’s commitment to vaccination has resulted in the approval of a new covid-19 vaccine within the country. Moreover, an impressive 93 percent of the Spanish population over the age of 12 has completed the full vaccination schedule.

In addition, Minister Miñones emphasized Spain’s active role in vaccine donation efforts. Having donated over 70 million doses, Spain ranks among the world’s leading countries in terms of vaccine contributions. Just this week, nearly one million doses were donated to Uzbekistan.

“Vaccines are fundamental in ensuring the right to health and social welfare,” declared Minister Miñones, underlining the necessity of a widespread vaccination culture to invest in prevention effectively.

Lastly, the minister expressed gratitude towards the Gavi Vaccine Alliance for their work on vaccination, stressing the importance of joint and coordinated approaches to address global health challenges in a globalized world.

Global Cooperation Essential for Future Health Crises

Agreeing on the significance of global cooperation, the Chairman of Gavi’s Board of Directors and former Chairman of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, emphasized that multilateralism and collaborative efforts are crucial in preparing for future global health crises.

Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, echoed this sentiment, asserting that “collaboration between all actors, including the UN, private sector, and governments, is essential to solving the world’s greatest problems.”

Concluding the Conference on the Global Impact of Vaccines, Gavi announced that it has successfully vaccinated over one billion children through its programs. The conference also highlighted the importance of innovation and collaboration in addressing the challenges of the post-pandemic era.

Hosted by the Spanish Government, the conference brought together more than 20 heads of state and ministers, as well as innovators from the private sector, civil society, and the pharmaceutical industry. The focus was on assessing the Alliance’s progress during the first two years of its current strategic period and reaffirming its commitment to routine immunization and life-saving vaccines.

Please note that the information provided in this article contains official statements from institutions and health professionals. If you have any health-related concerns, it is advisable to consult with your corresponding healthcare specialist.

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