Joel Ambioris “La J” denies accusations and threatens legal action

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Accused in Operation Halcón IV Denies all Accusations

Joel Ambioris Pimentel García, also known as “The J,” has denied all accusations against him in the ongoing Operation Halcón IV. The accused, who is alleged to be part of an organized crime structure, has refuted claims that he threatened the Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam Germán Brito.

Unfounded Accusations

The accused has released a statement in which he has criticized a communicator who “slandered” him and stated that he has “years” without having any outstanding debts with the justice system. He has denied the accusations against him and has affirmed that they are false and unfounded.

“His connection to the case began with an apparent defamation and insult made by a communicator on the YouTube platform,” he added.

Maintains Distance from Criminal Environment

Although Pimentel García has admitted to having problems with the law in the past, he has maintained that he is currently “away from the criminal environment” and that he has no pending accounts with the Dominican justice system or any other country.

Moreover, he has clarified that he has been residing outside of the country for the past 15 years, living ten years in the United States and the last five in Spain, with brief trips to the Dominican Republic.

Claims of Prison Control System

Regarding his alleged control over prisons, he has categorically denied the accusation. He asserted that he had never tried to control prisons, even when he was residing in the country.

“By maintaining this prison control system in the old model, the Attorney General’s Office, the governing body of the prison directors, has failed”, he added. He has also expressed that the authorities are trying to place the blame on him for this system.

No Threats to Attorney General

Regarding the accusations of threatening the Attorney General, he has denied having any contact with her and has categorically stated that he has never threatened her or had any kind of closeness with Jean Alain Rodríguez, the former attorney general.

No Links to Drug Trafficking

The accused has also refuted allegations of drug trafficking. He has stated that there is no seizure of any drugs linked to his person, and he has no links with hitmen, as is alleged.

“I hope that the investigation that is ongoing will conclude soon, and the person who threatened Dr. Miriam Germán Brito will be identified,” concluded the statement.

Joel Ambioris Statement

Statement Joel Ambioris “The J”

Joel Ambioris Statement

Statement Joel Ambioris “The J”

Joel Ambioris Statement

Statement Joel Ambioris “The J”

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