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Authorities of the “José Martí” International Airport of Havana, the Cuban capital, launched through their networks social, a course offer, as a possibility of later work, of interest to the drivers of the island, especially those who reside in this city and meet the requirements that we will explain below.

“If you are interested in belonging to the #CubanAviation sector and especially to our UEB Havana Airport, we offer you the opportunity to join us,” reads the information posted on the entity’s Facebook profile.

In the call it is reported that people who pass the course for a job position must be between 18 and 45 years of age, and have a type C truck driver’s license. The deadline to sign up will be until June 23 and is for the position of “Driver Operator B of special Aviation teams.”


To learn more about it, you can go to the office at Avenida Van Troi and final, in Rancho Boyeros. You can also call 7275-12-74 or 7275-16-45. Some stakeholders complained that the offer had age limits.

“Again with age limits. How long are they going to be at it? They don’t see that there is an aging workforce in the country (…) Land in our country and don’t discriminate based on age and give everyone real opportunities. Or are they afraid that the old will saw the floor for them?” asked a user in the publication from the Havana airport.

Havana Airport is the main airport on the island and is located about 15 kilometers from the center of the Cuban capital and serves as the gateway to the country for thousands of tourists and visitors. The airport has several terminals, Terminal 3 being the largest and most modern.

Its facilities offer a variety of services such as restaurants, cafeterias, duty-free shops and currency exchange offices or CADECA, as it is known in Cuba. The airport is well connected with various destinations around the world, especially with Europe, the United States and Panama.


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