Javier Tebas addresses Messi’s failed return to FC Barcelona and ensures transparency in LaLiga’s financial control

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LaLiga President Speaks Up About Messi’s Failed Return to FC Barcelona


LaLiga President, Javier Tebas, recently commented on the unsuccessful return of star player Leo Messi to FC Barcelona, stating, “for some LaLiga was doing everything possible for him to come and for others everything possible so that he did not.”

During the LaLiga Genuine awards ceremony, Tebas explained, “People always look for reasons where there are none. We have always been very clear. Barça is not in the one-on-one norm, it is at 40%, and since the norm was changed for all the clubs they are a little better than the last year, but it is far from being in the one-on-one norm.”

The Impact of the New Sports Law

Tebas added, “The feasibility plan is for all the clubs and it is a consequence of the new Sports Law that was approved on December 22, which makes us even more responsible for the future of the clubs.”

Transparency and Financial Responsibility

When questioned about the potential loss of value for LaLiga due to Messi’s absence and the departure of other players, Tebas dismissed concern and emphasized the importance of financial responsibility, stating, “We are totally transparent and everyone can ask, the clubs can ask.”

Avoiding Financial Problems

Tebas pointed out, “What would worry me is having clubs with financial problems. What would really worry me is, as it happens in England that the English government makes a white paper on football in that country that says that They are oversized and have a lot of expenses, and that many clubs have gone or may go bankrupt. I would also worry, as happens in Italy, that they have to ask the State for a tax deferral of 700 million euros. Or I would It would worry, as it happens in France, to be the League that loses the most in all the clubs.”

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