Jair Bolsonaro Retracts False Claims about COVID-19 Vaccines Containing Graphene

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Former Brazilian President Apologizes for False Vaccine Claims

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro issued an apology on Sunday for making false statements regarding messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines against Covid-19. Bolsonaro had claimed that these vaccines contain “graphene”.


Brazilian Court Sets Bolsonaro Disqualification Trial

During a recent event with the Liberal Party (PL), Bolsonaro, alongside his former Minister of Science and Technology and current senator Marcos Pontes, stated that “graphene” particles accumulate in “the testicles and ovaries”. However, he later retracted this statement, attributing it to a mistake on his part.

According to a local newspaper, Bolsonaro had claimed to have read about the presence of “graphene” in the package insert of mRNA vaccines. However, he now denies making such a claim.

Bolsonaro apologizing for fake news about graphene in the vaccine. He became more humble after losing the election and facing potential disqualification. And he shot Carluxo das reds already that the text has a minimum of coherence. pic.twitter.com/a5QmmBzgJE

— GugaNoblat (@GugaNoblat) June 18, 2023

“As it is widely known, I am enthusiastic about the potential applications of graphene oxide, and I mistakenly associated it with the vaccine. However, this claim was already denied in August 2021. Once again, I deeply regret my words and offer my sincere apologies,” Bolsonaro stated.

In August 2021, during a previous wave of Covid-19 infections, Bolsonaro had falsely linked vaccination to the AIDS virus. This led to an investigation by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Notably, this incident occurs just five days before the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) is set to decide on Bolsonaro’s disqualification for spreading misinformation.

Bolsonaro is facing accusations of disseminating falsehoods about the functioning of electronic voting machines during last year’s election campaign.

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