Inter Miami Confirms Jake LaCava’s Departure and Searches for the Right Reinforcements to Join Lionel Messi

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The MLS Welcomes Lionel Messi to Inter Miami

The world-renowned footballer Lionel Messi has joined Inter Miami, revolutionizing the team’s gameplay. While the official details are yet to be announced, the club has confirmed the departure of another player.

A New Loan for Jake LaCava

The club has recently loaned forward Jake LaCava to the USL Championship team, the Tampa Bay Rowdies, for the rest of the 2023 season. This decision suggests that the team management is taking strategic steps to form a more competitive team that performs better in the Eastern Conference.

New Signings for Inter Miami

Along with Messi, the team’s managers are seeking additional reinforcements to support the star player during the upcoming games. According to Diario Sport, Sergio Busquets is likely to join the Florida team, and the negotiations are in their final stages.

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