Inter Miami: A Stress-Free Base For Lionel Messi And His Motivation

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Inter Miami: The Stress-Free Base for Lionel Messi’s Motivation

Lionel Messi greets fans in China. (Photo: EFE)

The decision of Lionel Messi to choose Miami as his base during games against Australia in the first quarter of an hour was met with a fair amount of skepticism. However, it clarified any doubts regarding his future involvement in the sixth World Cup. With Argentina, Messi revitalizes his game, proving to be the same powerhouse he was in the Champions League, reminiscent of his time at Barcelona, even when playing in China.

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Messi is the star player of the Argentine National Team, a position that some argue is the pinnacle of his career, although he has stated that there is nothing beyond Qatar. His lightning-fast goal against Australia demonstrated his skill, with potential for more. His disappointment was evident, as if he had failed in the dramatic match against the same opponent in the previous World Cup.

“Messi doesn’t deceive,” affirmed Lionel Scaloni, acknowledging the valid question raised by the team captain. The world’s best soccer player is not currently focused on the prospect of his sixth World Cup. Instead, he is prioritizing his much-deserved vacation, contemplating the presence of Maxi Rodríguez and Juan Román Riquelme. Even in Miami, his next destination, the year 2026 represents a different chapter, a future that can unfold in various scenarios, primarily ensuring precious time for himself and his family.

Given that Plan A was always Barcelona for Messi, it was only natural for him to embrace an MLS franchise as a platform to maintain his form and enjoy the game, potentially alongside close friends like Uruguayan star Luis Suárez. This move will provide him with ample availability for the national team, particularly since the Copa América will take place in the United States next year. The setting is tailored to suit him perfectly.

Goal Messi vs Australia: Lionel Messi scored a magnificent goal for the National Team after just 79 seconds, the fastest in his career. (Photo: AP)

The key to Messi’s journey towards 2026, or potentially closing the door on it, lies in his “desire”. The initial signs of this unprecedented solitary adventure are exhilarating, as Messi is far from being on autopilot or treating his career as a farewell tour like a reigning world champion. The captain’s motivation and competitive edge shine through in every game with the light blue and white jersey.

As for the team, reigning world champions, they maintain the same intensity. There is no complacency, no signs of satisfaction, and Scaloni continues to strengthen and experiment, while everyone dreams of further triumphs. This journey is meant to be savored…

In conclusion, Alejandro Garnacho has already stepped into the future. In his debut, he passed the ball directly to Messi’s feet, a symbolic moment that encapsulates what has happened and what is yet to come, and it is intertwined with Lionel himself. The year 2026 represents another chapter, but the present belongs to him.

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