Husband’s Sinister Facebook Posts Before Tragic Murder-Suicide in Tennessee

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Police had to intervene on the scene.

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By: The Newspaper

The Tragic Facebook Post that Preceded a Horrific Crime

The man responsible for the devastating murder-suicide in Tennessee had left a chilling clue on Facebook months prior. In a photo shared on the social media platform, he can be seen wearing the mask of Jason Voorhees, the infamous character from the horror movie “Friday the 13th”.

A Disturbing Revelation on Social Media

Gary Barnett, 48, seemingly hinted at his sinister intentions through his online presence before carrying out the heinous act last Thursday at approximately 9 pm in Marion County, specifically on Pine Street in Sequatchie.

A Tragic Outcome

Barnett opened fire on his wife, Regina Barnett, 48, her daughter Britney Perez, and three innocent children. Another unidentified adult was also shot multiple times and rushed to the hospital for treatment.

A Cry for Help Ignored

About a month ago, Regina, who worked at a factory in Seymour, had filed for a protection order due to her fear of being harmed by her husband. In court documents, she revealed that Ella Barnett, her husband, possessed between 50 and 60 firearms in their bedroom. She expressed her concerns, stating, “I’m afraid he’ll get drunk and shoot me. My soon-to-be ex-husband threatened to shoot me and verbally abused me every day. He also threatened to shoot my dog.”

The restraining order was in effect at the time of the tragic incident.

A Troubling Online Presence

In addition to his Jason Voorhees disguise, Barnett shared a video questioning women who spoke ill of men they had been involved with, showing no remorse for their mistreatment. He also posted a quote attributed to mechanic Marvin Heemeyer, which read, “I have always been willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men have to do unreasonable things.”

A Witness Account

Sylvia Cooper, a neighbor, recounted the horrifying moments during the attack. She heard the sound of breaking glass followed by approximately five gunshots. Shortly after, flames engulfed the house, adding to the tragedy.

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