Greg Norman and Wife Face Lawsuit Over Alleged Sexual Assault at Teen Party

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Lawsuit Filed Against Greg Norman and Wife for Alleged Sexual Assault at Their Home

LIV Golf project leader Greg Norman and his wife are facing a lawsuit filed by a high school teenager who claims she was sexually assaulted by two young men at the couple’s home in Florida. The incident allegedly occurred during a party where the teenager and other minors were served alcoholic beverages.

Irresponsible Hosting and Alleged Assault

The lawsuit, filed in March, accuses Norman, 68, and his wife, interior designer Kirsten Kutner, of serving alcohol to minors during a pool party hosted by their daughter for her Oxbridge Academy classmates and friends at their Palm Beach Gardens mansion. The girl and her parents assert that Kutner provided alcohol to their daughter and her best friend before the arrival of other guests.

According to the lawsuit, more alcoholic beverages were available throughout the party, and the girl became severely intoxicated, being “unable to stand on her own and seen staggering around the party.”

Tragically, the girl claims that two boys who were also drinking at the party sexually assaulted her on the grass next to the pool.

Negligence and Seeking Justice

The lawsuit alleges that Norman and Kutner failed to ensure the safety, well-being, and sobriety of the minor in their home by illegally serving alcoholic beverages to her and other teenagers. The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages for pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment.

Greg Norman’s Background and Current Ventures

Greg Norman, known for his successful golf career, is the leader of the controversial Saudi-funded LIV Tour de Golf. Recently, the LIV Tour de Golf announced its merger with the PGA and European Tour.

Lawyers representing the minor have not yet responded to requests for comment. The lawsuit does not disclose the names of the girl, her parents, or the alleged attackers.

Norman’s spokesperson also declined to comment on the matter. Norman and Kutner have been married since 2010, and the daughter mentioned in the lawsuit is Kutner’s from a previous relationship. The couple purchased a 1,200-square-foot mansion five months before the alleged assault for $12 million, according to a tax report.

Originally from Australia, Greg Norman has an impressive golfing career, with 20 PGA Tour victories and 71 international wins, including two British Open titles. He was inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame in 2001.

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