Goldman Sachs Downgrades Tesla Stock Rating and Raises Price Target

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Goldman Sachs Downgrades Tesla Stock to Neutral

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Goldman Sachs analysts have downgraded Tesla’s stock to Neutral from Buy, following the significant rally in shares of the electric vehicle maker this year.

Higher Target Price Reflects Positive Outlook

However, they have raised the target price from $185 to $248 per share, reflecting improved earnings-per-share estimates and a higher target multiple.

Positive Long-Term Growth Potential

Analysts still view Tesla’s long-term growth potential and competitive positioning as positive. However, the stock’s 108% rise this year (38% in the last month) indicates that Goldman’s bullish stance on the EV maker is now adequately reflected.

“Overall, we believe our view that Tesla is well-positioned for long-term growth given its leadership position in the electric vehicle and clean energy markets (which we attribute in part to its ability to offer complete solutions including charging, storage, software/FSD, and services with a direct sales model), is now better reflected in the actions,” they stated in a note to clients.

Challenges Ahead for Tesla

While the downgrade is primarily due to valuation, analysts also highlight a “challenging new vehicle pricing environment” that may impact Tesla’s non-GAAP gross margin in 2023.

Positive Outlook for EVs

Goldman remains positive on the adoption of electric vehicles and recognizes increased investment opportunities among providers, especially those with significant content to facilitate the shift to EVs and electrification.

Tesla shares are down 1.4% before the market opens on Monday.

Goldman’s new price target implies a downside risk of approximately 3% relative to Friday’s closing price.

This marks the fourth downgrade of Tesla shares in June, with Morgan Stanley and Barclays already downgrading the shares to Equal Weighting last week.

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Goldman Sachs has downgraded Tesla’s stock to Neutral from Buy due to the sharp increase in the company’s share price this year. Despite the downgrade, the analysts have raised the target price from $185 to $248 per share, indicating a positive outlook for the company based on improved earnings-per-share estimates and a higher target multiple.

What are the factors that led Goldman Sachs to downgrade Tesla’s stock to Neutral despite the positive outlook indicated by a higher target price?

Goldman Sachs downgraded Tesla’s stock to Neutral for several reasons, despite maintaining a higher target price. Some of the factors that influenced this decision are:

1. Valuation concerns: Goldman Sachs expressed concerns about Tesla’s valuation, considering it already reflects a positive outlook. The firm believed that the company’s current stock price might already incorporate the anticipated growth and success, leaving limited room for further upside potential.

2. Regulatory risks: The downgrade also considered the potential regulatory risks faced by Tesla. With the incoming Biden administration, there might be stricter regulations on emissions and incentives for electric vehicles. These changes could impact Tesla’s competitive advantage in the market.

3. Increasing competition: As the electric vehicle market grows, more companies are entering the space and posing a competitive threat to Tesla. Goldman Sachs highlighted the increasing competition and the potential impact on Tesla’s market share, particularly from established automakers investing heavily in electric vehicles.

4. Production and execution risks: Another factor considered by Goldman Sachs was the execution risk associated with meeting Tesla’s ambitious production targets. The firm noted that delivering on its promises and scaling production efficiently could be challenging for Tesla, potentially impacting its financial performance and investor sentiment.

5. Margin pressure: Tesla’s gross margins have been a concern in the past, and Goldman Sachs highlighted the potential for margin compression in the future. As competition intensifies and the market matures, price competition and the need to invest in new technologies could put pressure on Tesla’s margins.

Despite these factors and the downgrade to Neutral, Goldman Sachs still maintained a higher target price, indicating that they see potential for the stock to perform well in the future, albeit without the same level of enthusiasm as before.

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Jayceon June 28, 2023 - 6:23 am

Goldman Sachs’ downgrade of Tesla’s stock rating along with an increased price target showcases the complexity of evaluating this electric vehicle giant. Investors should keep a watchful eye on how this decision impacts the market dynamics and the company’s performance going forward.


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