Gabriel Milito Proposes a School Subject Named Lionel Messi: An Example to Follow

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Gabriel Milito: The Accomplished Coach of Argentine Juniors

The technical director of Argentinos Juniors praised the best soccer player in the world

Gabriel Milito is making significant strides as the technical director of Argentine Juniors, a team firmly established in the Professional League. His team’s defined style of play has led them to be one of the three Argentine clubs that have already secured a spot in the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup. With his unique perspective on football and extensive experience as a player, Milito has proven himself to be a coach with immense potential.

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With a composed and thoughtful demeanor, the former defender, who has had stints at clubs such as Independiente, Zaragoza, and Barcelona, as well as the Argentine national team, shared an insight that caught the attention of Lionel Messi. Messi, along with Diego Maradona, is widely regarded as an iconic figure in Argentine soccer and beyond.

“In Leo’s case, time has allowed things to fall into place, and we can now confidently say that he has triumphed with the national team by winning three titles. It brings me great joy to see him succeed. He serves as an example and should be an inspiration for many Argentinians because he never ceased trying, even in the face of adversity.

Throughout his career, he always played his cards to win, settling for nothing less than being a champion. Being a runner-up was no longer sufficient, especially considering how he was mistreated,” expressed the former teammate, who played with Messi at Barcelona, in an interview with the program How’s it going? (DSports Radio).

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Milito continued to shower praise on the world’s best soccer player and proposed an intriguing idea for schools: “Primary schools should have a subject titled: Lionel Messi.” It would give 9 and 10-year-old boys the opportunity to learn about his life story and his journey in football. They would understand the challenges he faced and the effort he put in to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a world champion with Argentina. Despite being hailed as the Soccer King, he faced immense pressure when playing for his beloved country, and any defeat felt like a personal blow.

“He is a role model for both children and adults. We live in a beautiful country, but many people face hardships. That’s why when I say that Leo went through those final defeats and had a tough time, he never gave up. In a country where many individuals struggle to make ends meet or find employment, there is no better example to follow than Leo’s path. He fought hard to reach the top, never giving up on his dreams. And in the end, he reaped the rewards,” added Milito, emphasizing his point.

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