Florida Court Dismisses Garcia Luna’s Lawyers’ Appeal in Corruption Case

President Lopez Obrador Welcomes Decision

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed his satisfaction with the Florida Court’s dismissal of the protection sought by Genaro Garcia Luna’s lawyers in a corruption case against the Mexican government. In this case, an amount of 700 million dollars is being disputed.

During his morning conference at the National Palace, President Lopez Obrador stated that he will continue to pursue the trial for the return of the 700 million dollars worth of properties in the USA. These properties are linked to Garcia Luna, the former Secretary of Security during Felipe Calderon’s six-year term, who is currently imprisoned in New York for his involvement in drug trafficking.

President Lopez Obrador highlighted the good news of the Florida Court’s rejection of the appeal filed by Garcia Luna’s lawyers, which aimed to halt the corruption complaint made by the Mexican government. The President emphasized that the trial will proceed as planned.

Financial Intelligence Unit to Provide Further Details

The head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Pablo Gomez, is expected to attend Friday’s morning conference to provide additional details regarding the complaint and the progress of the trial. President Lopez Obrador mentioned that Gomez possesses crucial evidence related to the case, involving 700 million dollars worth of properties. The issue of the Florida Prosecutor’s Office intervention will also be addressed.

President Lopez Obrador concluded by saying, “There are many elements in this complaint. We are talking about 700 million dollars and numerous properties. Some claim that the Florida Prosecutor’s Office should not be involved, but we will explore other instances if necessary.”

With information from Alberto Morales

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