Florida City Implements 4-Day Work Week for Municipal Employees

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Work constitutes a foundational pillar of the American way of life. For many, a routine without long hours spent working to secure a comfortable living is inconceivable.

However, in Broward County, South Florida, a city has made the decision to shorten the work week to just four days. This city is Davie, which has a population of just over 100,000 residents.

According to information released on the city’s official website, this new measure will be implemented in a month and a half, specifically on August 3. It is intended for municipal employees, who will now work four days a week, from Monday to Thursday. However, to compensate for the reduced work week, employees will work 10 hours per day instead of the usual 8.

Importantly, this new regulation provides flexibility, allowing employees to choose whether or not they want to take advantage of the shortened work week.

The objective, as stated by the authorities, is to better meet the needs of the community by providing extended service hours throughout the morning and afternoon.

A Unique Work Schedule

With the implementation of this new regulation in Davie, Florida, the total number of employee work hours remains the same. However, what changes is the distribution of these hours throughout the week.

City offices will now be open from Monday to Thursday, operating from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. This includes City Hall, Community Services and Public Services Departments, Administrative Offices, and Customer Service.

The opening hours of the fire and police departments will also be adjusted accordingly. However, emergency telephone support will remain available 24/7.

Parks and other recreational facilities will maintain their regular schedules, while utility workers will continue to work every day to ensure cleanliness and order.


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