Flight Delays and Cancellations Cause Headaches for Travelers on Juneteenth Weekend

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This was the damage caused by storms in the southern US. 1:05

Flight Delays and Cancellations Plague Juneteenth Travelers

As millions of Americans head to airports to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday weekend, many are already facing serious headaches from hundreds of canceled flights and thousands of delays.

FAA Orders Ground Delay Programs at Major Airports

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered ground delay programs at three major New York City airports due to thunderstorms. Delays at John F. Kennedy and Newark airports are exceeding two hours, according to the agency’s website. Philadelphia International Airport is also experiencing turn delays.

Boston Logan Airport Suspends Incoming Flights

Boston Logan Airport currently has a suspension order for incoming flights due to what the FAA website describes as “airspace volume.”

  • 50 million under threat of severe storm in the US. A Texas city disappears after a deadly tornado

Delays at Denver International Airport

In the western part of the country, there are delays at Denver International Airport due to thunderstorms, with delays of nearly two hours.

Thousands of Delays and Cancellations Nationwide

As of 6:05 pm Miami time, flight tracking site Flight Aware reports over 6,000 delays and more than 500 cancellations across the US. The top three New York City airports have the highest number of cancellations.

As millions of Americans head to airports for the holiday weekend, many are facing serious travel challenges.

Increase in Passenger Volume

Data from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) shows a significant increase in the number of passengers at US airports this week, including over 2.7 million on Thursday alone. This number has surpassed the pre-pandemic passenger volume of 2019.

TSA officers screened another 2.7 million passengers on Sunday, also surpassing 2019 levels.

Juneteenth Holiday and Father’s Day Contribute to Travel Demand

The combination of the Juneteenth holiday, Father’s Day, and pent-up travel demand are likely contributing factors to the surge in air travel.

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