Five Romantic Comedy Movies to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

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“Resort to Love”, with actress Christina Milian, is one of the options to watch this weekend on Netflix (Capture)

Films to Watch on Netflix this Weekend

If you’re looking for a perfect way to spend your Sunday at home, Netflix has got you covered. With an impressive catalog of TV shows and movies, you can never get bored. But if you’re a fan of romantic cinema or something that will make you laugh, here are some top options:

1. “Resort to Love”

If you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy that guarantees a good laugh, then “Resort to Love” is the perfect movie for you. Produced by Alicia Keys, the film tells the story of singer Erica Wilson (Christina Milian), who agrees to work at a luxury hotel in an African island near Madagascar after a bad breakup. However, she gets a surprise when she’s requested to plan and organize the wedding of her ex-husband who had broken her heart a year before. Chaos and romance follow, making this movie a must-see.

2. “Holiday”

“Holiday” is a 2020 Netflix original film that stars Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, and Kristin Chenoweth. The movie centers on Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson (Bracey), two strangers who agree to be each other’s platonic date for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas, so they don’t have to be alone. But as they spend more time together, they realize they have chemistry and develop feelings for each other.

3. “Falling for Christmas”

“Falling for Christmas” stars Lindsay Lohan as Sierra, a young woman who’s used to living the life of luxury as the daughter of a hotel tycoon. However, after a car accident, she develops amnesia, and her life changes. A man named Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet) rescues her, and Sierra discovers there’s more to life than wealth and luxury.

4. “Good on Paper”

Illiza Shlesinger stars as Andrea, a stand-up comedian who meets a guy named Dennis (Ryan Hansen) who seems to be perfect in every way. However, Andrea begins to discover that things aren’t always what they seem, and she begins to suspect that Dennis isn’t who he claims to be.

5. “Crazy for Her”

“Crazy for Her” is a romantic comedy about a journalist named Carlos (Álvaro Cervantes) who meets Carla (Susana Abaitua) after a wild night out in a pub in Barcelona. However, he soon discovers that she’s been admitted to a psychiatric center for manic depression. Despite the unusual situation, Carlos decides to pursue Carla and goes to great lengths to keep seeing her.

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