Fire Max 11: Amazon’s Premium Tablet Takes on Apple’s iPad

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Fire Max 11 Tablet Review: Amazon Finally Stands Up to Apple

Fire Max 11 Tablet Review: Amazon Finally Stands Up to Apple

Fire Max 11 tablet review: Amazon finally stands up to Apple. (Photo: Getty)

With its large screen and optional keyboard and stylus, the Fire Max 11 takes on the iPad at a more competitive price.

Here’s a controversial take: Apple makes the best tablets, but Amazon makes the best tablets when it comes to value. iPads are awesome, and the Fire does the job for less. This has been the ‘status quo’ for years, but Amazon just scored a goal for Apple’s square: The Fire Max 11 ($229) represents the company’s first premium alternative to the iPad, with a large, sharp screen, better hardware features, improved front and rear cameras, and two notable accessories. All at a lower price. So, if you’re going to buy a tablet that you don’t just use for entertainment, but also to be productive, should you buy the latest from Amazon? This is my review of the Fire Max 11.

Rick Broida/Yahoo. (Photo: Amazon)

$229 at Amazon

Is this Amazon’s biggest and best tablet to date? Yes. Does it offer many of the same features and capabilities as the iPad 10.9, which costs twice as much? Also. Now, if Amazon made some UI improvements, I might enthusiastically recommend the Fire Max 11 rather than reserve it.

Features and Design of the Fire Max 11

The Fire Max 11 eschews the rounded edges and plastic back of the Fire HD 10 in favor of a boxier design and aluminum casing, with an aesthetic closer to that of the iPad 10th generation 10.9 ($449) than from

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Opal June 22, 2023 - 11:14 am

“Exciting news! Looking forward to seeing how the Fire Max 11 stacks up against the iPad. Competition between tech giants like Amazon and Apple is always a win for consumers. Let the tablet battle begin!”


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