Filmmakers denounce controversial decisions made by Cuban cultural institutions

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A Group of Cuban Filmmakers Denounces Irresponsible Actions of Cultural Institutions

A group of Cuban filmmakers gathered this Thursday at the 23 y 12 cinema has issued a statement to denounce the decisions taken by cultural institutions regarding the exhibition of the documentary “Fito’s Havana”, directed by Juan Pin Vilar. They argue that these decisions have revealed the irresponsible manner in which the officials involved in these acts have acted.

Institutional Meeting Led by Vice President Ariel Montenegro

The meeting, led by the vice president of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), Ariel Montenegro, addressed the concerns raised by the filmmakers. Ramón Samada, president of ICAIC, was unable to attend due to other commitments, but he is expected to participate in a future meeting convened by the institution next Tuesday, according to sources consulted by DIARIO DE CUBA.

Successive Mistakes Made and Projection Suspension

The signatories of the declaration highlighted the occurrence of “successive mistakes” in connection with the appreciation of the documentary by Juan Pin and other works, such as “Exist” by Fernando Fraguela and Yulier Rodríguez, or “The One in Charge” by Ricardo Figueredo. Furthermore, they criticized the suspension of the projection of these works, which were scheduled to be shown at the headquarters of the theater group El Ciervo Encantado on April 29.

Lack of Public Information and Manipulation of the Documentary

The filmmakers also expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of “public and satisfactory information about this decision” and the presentation of an unfinished copy of the documentary on a television program. They accuse the cultural authorities of ignoring the refusal of the director and producer, with the explicit purpose of discrediting them. Additionally, the filmmakers raised concerns about two vice presidents of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) who are accused of neglecting their responsibility to protect the interests of the artists.

Misinterpretation of Copyright Law and Violation of Ethical Principles

The filmmakers criticized certain publications on social networks that they believe manipulate the events and offer false interpretations of Copyright Law. They argue that cultural officials have an obligation to protect these rights. They claim that similar procedures have become systematic, especially in relation to cinema, and the actions of these cultural authorities have repeatedly violated ethical principles that should underpin respectful and constructive dialogue.

Initiating Actions to Address the Problems

At the conclusion of their statement, the Assembly of Filmmakers announced that they will initiate a series of actions aimed at finding solutions to the problems they have raised.

Prominent Filmmakers Supporting the Cause

The document has been signed by more than 50 filmmakers, including directors such as Fernando Pérez, Rebeca Chávez, Magda González Grau, and Ernesto Daranas Serrano, among others. Well-known actors such as Luis Alberto García, Hamlet Paredes Grau, and Lola Amores have also lent their support, along with critics Juan Antonio García Borrero and Gustavo Arcos Fernández-Brito.

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