Fernando Carrillo Discloses Earnings from OnlyFans and Talks about His Career

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The Venezuelan Actor and Singer Fernando Carrillo Delights Fans on OnlyFans

The popular actor from Venezuela, Fernando Carrillo, is captivating his audience through his OnlyFans account, which is a platform known for sharing adult content.

Famous for his roles in soap operas like Rosalinda, Cara bonita, and María Isabel, Carrillo recently revealed in an interview on Telemundo the lucrative nature of posting his nudes on OnlyFans.

Although Carrillo did not disclose specific details about his upcoming projects, he mentioned that he is currently in the Philippines spending time with his family.

Inside Carrillo’s Earnings on OnlyFans

During the interview, Aylin Mujica, one of the show’s presenters, asked Carrillo if he earns as much from OnlyFans as he does from his soap operas or series. The actor responded honestly.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s almost the same amount, equivalent to the contracts I had in the wonderful years of 2000 and 1999,” said the 57-year-old Carrillo. “The only difference is that now I only work four days a month instead of 28.”

Screenshot of Fernando Carrillo’s Instagram account.

In addition, Carrillo, who has shared the screen with renowned actresses like Thalia, Adela Noriega, and Catherine Fulop, defended his photos on OnlyFans, stating, “There is nothing I am ashamed of. They are well-produced pieces of art. Throughout history, notable figures such as Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono have embraced nudity.”

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