Father in Ohio Admits to Planning and Executing the Shooting of His Three Children

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Ohio Man Admits to Planning and Executing Homicides of His Children

A man from Ohio has confessed to the shocking crime of shooting his three young children to death. The accused, Chad Doerman, 32, admitted to meticulously planning the homicides and lining up his children before executing them with a rifle, according to prosecutors.

Aggravated Murder Charges

Doerman, who also stands accused of fatally shooting the mother of the children at their family home, has been charged with aggravated murder. The authorities are currently investigating the motive behind these horrific acts.

A Chilling Pursuit

During Doerman’s arraignment on Friday, Chief Prosecutor David Gast revealed a chilling detail of the crime. One of the boys attempted to escape into a nearby field, but Doerman relentlessly pursued him, bringing him back to the house before taking his life.

Bail Set at $20 Million

Doerman’s bail has been set at an astonishing $20 million. It remains unclear whether he has legal representation at this stage. He is currently being held in the Clermont County Jail.

A Shocking Crime

Gast, the Chief Prosecutor, described these murders as the most heinous crime he has ever encountered. The community is left in shock and mourning over the tragic loss of innocent lives.

911 Calls and Response

Law enforcement officers swiftly responded to the Monroe Township home after receiving two distressing 911 calls. One call was from the mother, who could be heard yelling that her babies had been shot. Another call came from a concerned motorist who witnessed a young girl running down the street, claiming her father was killing people.

Tragic Loss

Upon arrival, agents discovered the three children, aged 3, 4, and 7, outside the home with gunshot wounds. Despite their efforts to save them, the children tragically succumbed to their injuries at the scene.

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