Fatal Shooting in Soledad: Victim Refuses to Pay Ransom

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The Fatal Victim Who Refused to Pay for a Vaccine

The fatal victim of this event had refused to pay for a vaccine days ago

The fatal victim of this event had refused to pay for a vaccine days ago

In the municipality of Soledad, Atlántico, an employee of a gasoline pump was tragically murdered. The victim, identified as Tomás Segundo Molinares Malvido, 50, had reportedly refused to pay for a vaccine days ago. The authorities are currently investigating the case.

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The victim was fatally shot by criminals riding a motorcycle at his workplace on 18th Street with Carrera 16, in the Juan Domínguez Romero neighborhood, in Soledad, on the night of Saturday, June 24. It is believed that Molinares Malvido’s refusal to comply with an extortion demand led to this act of violence.

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The victim succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

The authorities are currently conducting thorough investigations to shed light on this heinous crime and identify the individuals involved.

Man Shot While Parked in Soledad

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Jose Daniel Simanca Peñaranda was shot by unknown assailants while parked in a vehicle in the Soledad railway neighborhood on the night of Saturday, June 24.

According to the preliminary report from the authorities, the incident occurred at 7:00 p.m. on street 30 with race 26. The criminals arrived at the scene in a gray car.

One of the assailants pulled out a pistol and shot Simanca Peñaranda in the posterior thorax before fleeing in the same vehicle.

The victim was then taken by acquaintances to the IPS Total Health of Calle 30, where doctors reported his condition as “stable”.

The motives behind this shooting attack have not been disclosed by the police.

Victim of Shooting Attack Allegedly Linked to Criminal Gang

Estidt Daniel Sandoval González, 22 years old, lost his life after being targeted by unknown individuals on a motorcycle and in a private vehicle in the Saint Anthony neighborhood of Soledad. The attack, which involved seven gunshots, took place on Thursday, June 22.

According to the Technical Research Corps of the Attorney General’s Office, the investigation suggests that Sandoval González was targeted on the orders of the criminal gang known as ‘the Pepes’, led by Worthy Palomino.

“The relatives of the deceased informed investigators that the day before the incident, he had received threatening WhatsApp messages from an individual known as El Sobri. This was supposedly due to his refusal to work for the criminal group,” said a detective involved in the case.

Furthermore, sources revealed that Sandoval González was allegedly associated with alias Ricostilla, a member of ‘the Costeños’ under the command of ‘Castor’, and had a criminal record with three judicial notes, one of which was for theft.

The shooting incident also resulted in the death of Sindi Diaz Frias, 32 years old, and injuries to Andres David Furniture Maria, 22 years old, Leonel Castiblanco Hair, 27 years old, and Carlos Ramon Villa Paez.

The attack took place at around 11 pm on 16th Street and 24th Carrera in the San Antonio neighborhood of Soledad. Sandoval managed to return fire, resulting in four individuals playing dominoes on the opposite sidewalk being hit.

Following the attack, four of the victims were taken to the June Thirteenth Hospital, while another was transported to the Maternal and Child Hospital. Unfortunately, Sandoval and the woman succumbed to their injuries. The injured individuals were referred to other medical facilities due to the severity of their wounds.

Re currently unknown and the authorities are investigating the incident.

Is there any indication as to what caused the currently unknown incident

There is no specific information provided to determine the cause of the currently unknown incident.

What steps are authorities taking in their investigation of the incident?

Authorities are taking the following steps in their investigation of the incident:

1. Gathering evidence: Authorities are collecting physical evidence from the crime scene, such as fingerprints, DNA samples, and surveillance footage, to help identify the perpetrator and establish a timeline of events.

2. Interviewing witnesses: Investigators are conducting interviews with individuals who were present during the incident or may have information relevant to the case. They aim to gather eyewitness accounts and any additional details that may assist in solving the crime.

3. Reviewing surveillance footage: The authorities are carefully reviewing any available surveillance footage from nearby cameras or establishments to identify potential suspects or gather further evidence to build their case.

4. Conducting forensic analysis: Forensic experts are analyzing the evidence collected to determine if there are any connections or potential leads. They may examine items for traces of chemicals, fibers, or other materials that could provide valuable insights.

5. Collaborating with other agencies: Law enforcement agencies may be working together and sharing information to piece together the full picture of the incident. This collaboration can involve local police, federal agencies, or specialized units that can offer assistance in the investigation.

6. Utilizing technological tools: Authorities may employ various technological tools, such as advanced data analysis software, facial recognition technology, or artificial intelligence algorithms to help identify suspects or patterns in the data.

7. Seeking public assistance: Law enforcement agencies often reach out to the public for information or tips regarding the incident. They may release descriptions of suspects, ask for potential witnesses to come forward, or provide phone numbers or websites for individuals to provide information anonymously.

8. Pursuing leads: Investigators are actively pursuing any leads that arise during the investigation. They may follow up on tips from the public, leverage information from informants, or conduct undercover operations to gather more evidence or identify potential suspects.

9. Consulting with experts: Authorities may consult with specialized experts, such as forensic psychologists or criminal profilers, to develop a psychological profile of the offender or gain insights into their motivations and patterns.

10. Building a case: As the investigation progresses, authorities will compile all the collected evidence, witness statements, and expert analysis to build a comprehensive case. This involves organizing the information, identifying connections, and creating a timeline of events that can be presented in court if charges are brought against a suspect.

It’s important to note that the specific steps taken in an investigation can vary depending on the nature of the incident, resources available, and jurisdiction.

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Journey June 26, 2023 - 11:26 am

Tragic and senseless. My heart goes out to the victim and their loved ones. This incident underscores the need for stronger measures to combat such heinous crimes in our society.

Rylan June 26, 2023 - 11:26 am

This tragic incident highlights the devastating consequences that can arise when victims refuse to comply with ransom demands. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing personal safety above all else.


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