Fantino said that Messi surrounded himself with people who did him wrong

Lionel Messi revolutionized USA with the announcement of his imminent arrival to inter miami and the impact of the news caused an exponential growth in the image of the club and of the MLS, as well as the reactions of the sports world of the American giant. The effect of his decision generated a growing impact in a country that also has a large Latino community.

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The image of the club’s shield, founded in 2018, was replicated all over the planet and the first result was the impressive number of followers added to the official accounts on different social networks. In the last few hours, the user of inter miami in instagramthe second most used social platform in the world, incorporated almost five million new followers. And before the announcement of the international star, the account had 1 million followers.

In this sense, Alexander Fantino made an in-depth analysis of the position taken by the legend of the Argentine national team and considered that “he gave his life to the race and not to his family”. “He left from a very young age, they offered him many things that he did not have here. he uprootedhe went with his mom and dad to Barcelona and it was built like another. He stopped being Rosario’s Messi and this is when I want to analyze movies and not photos, that made me mistake some perceptions about him”, began the journalist in his program Fantino Multiverse.

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The striking thing was that the communicator left a controversial hypothesis about the people who surrounded the popular idol over the years. “Before, he was surrounded by bad meetings about his sport structure, which made him make bad decisions, such as Javier Mascherano and Ezequiel Lavezziwho They made him make mistakes on a day-to-day basis and they didn’t let him be Messi. When he healed around her, she flew. They always generated discord in her head, ”she emphasized.

Analysis of Alejandro Fantino on Messi’s decision to play in the MLS

“I was very critical of Messi, but in this I think understood everything. What I’m going to say is crazy, but since he decided, after the World Cup, semi retire. She withdraws, but does not withdraw. Did you see what the United States league is like? Some other team has a good level, but the rest don’t. Look at the grass, which is also artificial, it changes everything”, argued Fantino. And he concluded:He won the World Cup and the Copa América, something Maradona didn’t even win. Messi to the league that he was, be it French or Spanish, he came out champion”.

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The repercussions of the arrival of messi to miami they were all almost positive except for the striking and, perhaps, sincere statements of the team’s substitute goalkeeper, the Dutchman nick marshman. The 32-year-old was approached by the chain ESPN at the gate of the stadium Miami Heat and gave his particular vision of the arrival of Leo, which can also be taken as a call for attention. “I personally believe that the club is not ready for the arrival of Messi. We have a temporary stadium, people can get on the field, we go to the stadium without security. I hope he comes, but I think we are not ready,” he stressed.

After almost twenty years in European football, Messi it was decided byr Inter Miami with the idea of ​​meeting againwith enjoyment” with the family but the revolution that his arrival generated puts in doubt the tranquility that he wants for his life.


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